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i love november. perhaps i like it more than october. something about the silvery, bare tree branches against the gray sky…
i have to say that i have never been more inspired by a month before.
going for long walks. tea. thrifting clothes and hodge-podge. a little art here and there. and stitching!
my biggest task right now is to sort out all my vintage buttons and put them in giant mason jars! i have sooo many buttons and trinkets and such and my mind has been in button sorting heaven!

but for now, a sampler of my ventures, chai tea sketching and stitching bright yellow floss on found wood-grained paper.

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the tattered butterfly in this glass case is my ideal eye candy. my heart did somersaults when i found this. three days later i found another butterfly enclosed in glass, this time to be hung on the wall!

this is the loveliest page from a sleeping beauty book i got for 1.00! everything about the book is just perfecto! the colors, the way the figures are drawn…love!

this was one good haul! a captured butterfly, horsey mug (which inspired an outing the other day, will post about that later on in the week), the most kitchy deer figure for my woodland alter and other gold trinkets and charms. the little gold pocketbook opens up! gosh, i do need a closeup picture of it.

a true find! this is just the perfect thing to hang in my studio! matches style to a tee. earthy.

the ghost of autumn. walking over crunchy leaves makes my heart soar.

i walked to a field of pretty grass and horses. i spent half the hour taking pictures of different types of grasses, milkweed and such for drawing reference.

dainty and divine.

happiness. yes, it exists even on the dreariest of days.

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