Michaelmas Daisies and Medieval Faires

This weekend I picked these lovey little autumn daisies on one of my walks…

They are the color of the lightest lavender and so tiny!
And I wore my new key necklace to the Faire…

Two more decorated papers I constructed to cover my handmade books. Acrylic on Reeves Lightweight paper. The swans are cut out of paper. Yes, this task drove me absolutely crazy! Two more covers to go to fulfil my goal of 6 books.

Teacup paper. The teapots and cups are actually a pretty baby blue on brown and copper stamping. Colors did not show up as well as I hoped.

10 minutes before leaving for the faire I took this picture. I like how my crow looks in the background!

I braided my hair and adorned it leather flowers with wooden sticks. The night before I conditioned it with a mixture of honey and chamomile, which left a wonderful aroma all day long!

There are beautiful arches and ivy near The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park, Manhattan. I went exploring with my friends son.

A pretty embroidered flag that one of the food vendors was displaying.

Pretty green face.

Me atop a wall of ivy. If you look closely you can see my head popping out! A short woodsy walk beyond the wall are heather gardens.

I like to think of this white bird as a dove. He was perched at the entrace to the heather garden.

The Cloisters Museum.

I had a great day, mainly because I was in the company of a good friend and her son, and the views of the Hudson were gorgeous. The gardens were pretty too. We sat in the heather garden and ate our lunch. The faire was so crowded (estimated 40 thousand) and I could not see a thing. I was more excited about the Cloisters than the Faire, but the line to get in the museum was so long. For those that do not know… The Cloisters is part on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and it houses medieval art…the most famous being this:

I will be going back very soon to see the tapestries and walk in the medieval gardens. I think it would be very pretty to visit there in the winter.