Rose Hips

Rose hips I picked along the trail today. Pulled out my “Flower Fairies of the Autumn” book to find the corresponding poem.
They matched the ‘hips in the illustration perfectly. Satisfies my craving for MORE vivid red, can you believe it.

Also bought some fancy ribbon to tie my birdies around my neck, choker style. The other is on a golden chain.

More pics below, clicky link…

Cardinal necklace, sculpted simply…

I have been making decorative papers to be used as book covers on my handbound artist journals. I am making a series of six Eastern Style books to record my art ideas. Each will be 7″ by 10″. Here’s Journal cover #1. Reeves lightweight paper, acrylic paints

Journal cover #2

Still organizing the studio. Made these to pin onto all my pretty art supply baskets and bins…vivid apple green. Love.

I love mason jars. Paint brushes, under the easel.