Take a look through the mossy peephole…

~Weekend musings…lots of photos of “stuff” outside and inside. click link below:

I love shelf mushrooms! When I was little I used to pick them off the tree, take them inside and paint scenes on them. So the theme of tonight’s entry is bringing the outside inside.

September berries.

Taken from my walk today. Mushrooms sprouting from the forest floor of moss and leaves:

From today- pretty leaves from the same berry bush.

When I got home I was inspired to pull out this AWESOME vintage mini dress I bought over the summer.

The mini dress has a high neck, empire waist and poofy princess sleeves. I cant wait to wear it with skinny jeans!

Moss detail from today…

Awaiting Autumn. I started to set up my Fall Table this afternoon. Sprinkled all kinds of foresty things on it. I’m saving the rest of the pictures to post the first day of fall!

I looooove funky knee socks with woolen skirts and boots. A true find this weekend. They were so cute all together I had to hang them up for a sock portrait!

Speaking of warm socks, I’ve been eyeing
these babies

Saturday’s neat yard sale find….an old wrought iron bird (it weighs A TON!) perfectly weathered and rusty. He had a friend but I didn’t swipe him up quick enough.