~*~*Blissful vintage finds… COLOR!!!

I’ve been yard sale-ing and thrift shopping a lot recently. Finding LOTS of treasures, most are in my studio. They have been my inspiration! Big bold prints in bright summer colors make me want to fast forward to summer.
Last week I found a fab bright orange/ pink 60’s coat with a HUGE collar. Picture in front of my poppy painting…

A vintage-inspired apron, this one is new but was bought in a thrift shop! I love the pink print. I’ll wear this when I paint.

My new apron…

This is a page in an old how-to paint book from the 70’s. I just love the colors and the little red bird.

Eye candy….my plastic button collection! I occasionally embellish my DIY clothes with these beauties.

I got all these dolls at a sale last year. They are SO tattered hair matted and faces torn but there’s something so magical about them. And I love their outfits!

Pile O’ Vintage stuff. I especially like the 40’s gal on the watercolor book.