Work in progress

I have been very busy with an assortment of paintings/quiltings…works in progress. I am waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive, so all of my work is half done, without the quilting! Plus, I posted pictures of an idea from my friend -to share my “organizational faerie” creation- an ivy covered cabinet for my studio (to store bubbles and essential oils, lol!)

Heres the progress on my “Blackbird” piece. Does not contain any stitching YET!! And I still need to add something in the lower right corner.

The detail of the nest from the Blackbird wall hanging. Little blackbird eggs! Just layered cloth and paint. No stitching yet either!

I created a smaller 12″ x 12″ piece. Heres a picture of the painting on the cotton, plus some layered paintings on separate cloth. All designs/ cloth patterns were painted by me. No store bought fabric.

And finally, another painting, for the newest “Calla Lilly” wall hanging. This is JUST paint, no fabric or stitching yet! Lots of spaces that are unpainted/ decorated.