Monthly Archives: July 2005

new batch of bags flying your way

My peacock feather faerie bags are quite popular! I have decided to make a series of 5 one of a kind bags with this theme in the following colors:
red, light dusty blue, dusty rose, lavender and sage green. I have some fabulous super soft velveteen-like fabrics I’m going to use. AND- the peacock feathers are going to be funky unnatural colors to match the bags…but still VERY much recognizable as the beautiful feathers that they are.
AND, for those of you that wanted a more detailed picture of my applique work from the last bag- here it is…

interested? let me know!

My bags made an appearance at Faerieworlds!!

I had a few bags for sale at Faerieworlds. Look at this photo that the super talented took of the booth! The sunlight seems to be shimmering down on my faerie bag! Look carefully- you’ll find it…its smack dab in the middle. Ohh, and all those clothes. *wishes* I was there, I would have had a shopping spree!


Finished! I love the colors in this one…blue hair! Each piece of fabric is appliqued separately and her face and the peacock feathers are hand painted from my design. It even has peacock feather ties! The inside even has an applique on the pocket. Sparkly thread accents the feathers. Fit for a faerie goddess!

My new best friend!!!!

My new Pfaff 1530!!!! This machine BURIES my Kenmore Singer down to sewing machine hell. The heat then MELTS its shabby little plastic parts and BURNS it to a sewing machine skeleton (an aluminum one). Bah!!!
I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! Power, precision, AND it stitches up all my fae bag appliques. I’m back in business! Look at what I’m working on…finally!!


My Enchanted Leaves Jewelry!!!

makes the best jewelry, fit for a faerie queen! Little iridescent leaves, spotted mushrooms and tiny glass beads will adorn your faerie attire. Check out her site
And heres a picture of my ankles, plus other snapshots (necklaces and earrings) behind the cut!!!

Work in progress

I have been very busy with an assortment of paintings/quiltings…works in progress. I am waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive, so all of my work is half done, without the quilting! Plus, I posted pictures of an idea from my friend -to share my “organizational faerie” creation- an ivy covered cabinet for my studio (to store bubbles and essential oils, lol!)

Heres the progress on my “Blackbird” piece. Does not contain any stitching YET!! And I still need to add something in the lower right corner.

The detail of the nest from the Blackbird wall hanging. Little blackbird eggs! Just layered cloth and paint. No stitching yet either!

I created a smaller 12″ x 12″ piece. Heres a picture of the painting on the cotton, plus some layered paintings on separate cloth. All designs/ cloth patterns were painted by me. No store bought fabric.

And finally, another painting, for the newest “Calla Lilly” wall hanging. This is JUST paint, no fabric or stitching yet! Lots of spaces that are unpainted/ decorated.

Double page spread in CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS!!

My quilted/painted book in the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors.

Now to see it better you are going to have to go out and get the magazine (or subscribe!). Its such a beautiful magazine, chock full of inspirational ideas!

quilt layout: for “Blackbirds”

Although I still did not get my new machine, I am as busy as a bee creating new quilt layouts, cutting and painting fabric, etc. I loved the design on my most recent bag “Peacock Feather’s and Flutterby’s” so I’m integrating the feather theme and colors into a wall hanging. Only the feathers are from black birds and not peacocks! The sketch is 18″ x 24″, and the finished piece will be the same size. I’m currently building up layers of painted cloth and vintage fabrics…and I’ll soon post the art without the stitching so you can see my progress! *impatient*

My art is published in a magazine!!

I’m SO excited! I just found out yesterday that I have a double page spread in the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors!!! Its right there on pages 82 and 83 in their Fall 2005 issue. I sent them my fabric journal for *possible* publication- and magazine has featured every page of it!!! Hooray! Its a hand painted and quilted accordion style book, featuring a theme about DRAGONFLIES and art and such. *cartwheels* I would love to take pix of the open magazine with my work- but I don’t know if I can w/o permission.
Now back to work. Hee Hee-this incident has sent my head spinning and I’m more motivated than ever~*~*~*

peacock feathers and flutterbys drift endlessly

A bag commission containing THREE of my favorite creations of nature- butterflies, peacock feathers and faeries!! Heres the front design of the bag, fabric layout and no stitching -I’ll explain later!! 🙁

and heres the inside pocket- for glitter stashing and gum wrapper trashing-

Nature is good, but the mechanical world of my sewing machine is NOT, as it’s not stitching correctly. *Off to the repair shop* This machine has given me SUCH trouble, and its only a few years old!!!