Such a pretty little photo shoot of one of my pendants from a lovely friend in Sweden. Thank you Lycke!

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  1. Lycke says:

    hello dearest you, how lovely feeling receiving this greeting at your so loved blog! I still love your pendants so so much and would buy more of them if you made them for sure (smiles) Here it´s really summer now. for a week we have had around 24 degrees in the shadow and thats wonderful in this part of the world. I´m enjoying .
    lovely feelings..
    wishing you the best summer..

    love Lycke

  2. Sarah Blank says:

    aw you are too sweet Lycke!!! yes, it is HOT here too!!! Summer is in full swing, and we are loving it!!!! thanks for visiting here still!!

  3. Beautiful necklace on beautiful Lycke. ~Sara

  4. Sarah Blank says:

    yes indeed!!! I just love her photos too!! thanks much for visiting!!!!!

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