Green tea, fallen leaves and an autumn lake walk.

The hurricane. I feel so fortunate we were only a few days without power, kept safe and nothing was damaged. The winds were strong and scary. Trees crashed in the near distance. Halloween came and went without a notice. But we are ok. Halloween was celebrated yesterday. Now the air is beginning to turn cold. I love winter but I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. happy to have tea to keep hands warm and squeezing in walks to see the last of the leaves. Happy November.

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  1. So happy to hear that you are alright! I was thinking of you last week. Glad that you didnt have damage or flooding to your home. Hope you’ve been well and enjoying the autumn!~

  2. Dearest Sarah! so happy that the hurricane left you safe. It has been much to do this autumn. happy it turns now as I hope. Here it´s 26 degrees cold today and lots of snow. so much I wanted to write, will be back..have thought about you. framed one of your beautiful artwork the other day..wearing your dress this Christmas. wishing you a very merry all your family *+*+***

    love Lycke

  3. yes ofcourse you can post them. I´m so happy you like them, and I will link to you..forgot that yesterday when I went to bed early..I love them so much, all your artwork you know. wish you happy sunny days..
    here the sun is shining today and it´s warmer than before. though very much snow still. longing for Spring..

    love Lycke

  4. Hello again sweet you! Had to take a look in your shop to make sure you hadn´t made some more necklaces (smiles) you know I still love them so much so I could think of several more if you starting making them some day again! I was so happy to hear from you at my blog. hoping your life is wonderful these days..

    hugs Lycke

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