fields of clover

Hooray summertime is finally here! Today, in this sweltering heat, we went to the beach again but we have been spending most of our time outdoors at parks and such (and on my favorite meadow path which is quickly becoming my son’s favorite too). The wildflowers combined with the sounds of red winged black birds is just all-too-much for the senses (the sound of red winged black birds always hits me in a way no other birdsong can). I just love to watch the wildflowers bloom there and we have been picking a few. My son mimics everything I do so when I put a crown of clovers in my hair he wanted to do the same.
Happy summertime to all!!

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  1. Hello sweet you! how remarkable adn marvellous that we did exactely the same at the sea, with the same hat on our little beloved and all. I ws shivering almost reading it. with a smile, thinking we are a little like secret forgotten sisters over ranges and oceans *
    also enjoying your blog so much, and I also love meadows so much. wrote today about me and little one taking a walk to the meadow looking for bluebells! nowadays I seem to like wildflowers almost more than the one in our flowerbeds, everything that grows in the wild, without cutting or other helping hands, the magical life in a midsummernights meadow…mmm.. and how adorable your little one mimicing you. recognize it so well. but here it is me picking weed in the flowerbeds – he who picking all the flowers 🙂 happy the flower he likes the most is the common dandelion


  2. oh I wish I could see bluebells!
    Yes, my little one likes dandelion the best too, he picks them off of everyones lawn as we walk by. I am sure they don’t mind. I cant wait til they go to seed to show him how to blow them and make a wish:)

  3. Hi Sarah! I think clover is my favourite flower, Or one of them at least. I love wild flowers. I agree with Lycke- I think I love wild flowers the most. And I think wild flowers mean more to me than `perfect´ flowers such as orchids for instance. (Although orchids are lovely too of course). For me there is something almost spiritual about walking arund in a world where wild flowers grow.

  4. Oh, what a pretty day and a sweet little one! Look at those curls, boys always get good hair and long lashes, have you noticed that? 😉 The clover looks so pretty and fresh. Hope you’re enjoying the summer out and about!

  5. Hello there sweet you! where did you go? are the weather there just too hot like other places in America. really hope not, that must be hard. hope you´re having wonderful days. here it is finally warmer and we are enjoying the days much..

    love Lycke

  6. What a sweet, curly haired little one! I’ve not dropped in in a wee while, and am ever so glad I did today! Your world is full of such beauty!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, and have many inspired and creative days!!

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