my garden is in the wild…

Around his time of year I long for a little plot of land to plant a few herbs, maybe some roses or lavender. Even more so now that Little One is here. I’d love to plant a patch of sweet strawberries with him (once ripe he would be excellent at picking them and putting them in his mouth). For now my only garden is one of wild roses along a wooded path. The flowers that exist untended to can be just as beautiful and satisfying.

I have big, dreamy gigantic news to spill very soon. Soon! And thanks for all your sweet comments and great ideas! It seems that I can not get my blog fixed to reply. It has been eating away at me that I can not figure out this problem, and I do not have time to redo my whole blog. So for now it exists in this state.

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  1. Wild gardens are lovely, and they require no weeding! How handy is that? If you like strawberries you could always set up a strawberry pot and harvest from there. Have you ever seen those little contraptions where you hang a tomato plant upside down from your porch and it grows?! Lots of handy dandy plant things out there, even without a yard 🙂

  2. Ohhhh, I know…I long for a patch of earth, too. Like you, I’d plant herbs and lavender and strawberries. But then, the untamed, rambling, natural look can be equally as beautiful. Around where I live – which is the north east like you – the woods are filled with jasmine. It smells soooo good, doesn’t it? I just love breathing it in.

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I accidently came across your blog yesterday while searching for something unrelated. And what a pleasant surprise! Everything you capture/describe is so beautiful and inspirational! Not to mention your beautiful paintings. I live in London and also paint. I have a three old daughter who is a constant inspiration and joy! I absolutely love nature too, but am not blessed with woods nearby, I resort to Hyde Park! I am going through your blog month by month as far back as I can! Can’t wait to take it all in!

  4. Aumi,

    Thanks so much for your kind words! My photos are from a nearby park as well. We live 30 miles from NYC believe it or not! Aren’t children so full of wonder and inspiration?Thanks so much for your comment here!!!

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