skunk cabbage!

Yesterday was so perfectly dreary! I walked through a pretty swamp area of the woods with little meandering streams while my tiny one napped in his carriage. The skunk cabbage (or meadow cabbage, swamp cabbage… whatever-have-you) was blooming in all its glory. Did you know that the pungent odor created when tearing the leaves of a skunk cabbage attracts its pollinators? Flies and bees! It was used a a medicinal plant and talisman by Native Americans as well. Usually the first dramatic bit of greenery in these parts. And the woods were so misty. Love love love the early spring.

And today is my birthday! This morning my husband surprised me with the most beautiful orchid for my collection. More photos to follow…

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  1. Happy birthday to you! Your new orchid sounds lovely! And isnt it always such a relief when spring arrives and things turn green again? Its like “oh, there you are! I remember you!”
    Hope you’re enjoying new mommyhood!~ they get big so fast!

  2. Happy birthday, blog-friend! I’m jealous you have such woods to walk through. My life would be a lot different if I still had access to such a thing. Enjoy it extra-hard for me 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Skunk cabbage! We had so much of it growing behind my college’s sculpture studio when I was in college. One day, I found an unknown man who identified himself as being from Buffalo, NY sitting in the middle of it, happily snacking away. He looked delighted!

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