embroidered things and rambling winter walks

Things have been quiet, cold and very still. I was, very unfortunately, sick since the holidays. Last weekend was the first time I was able to walk outside and feel the winter sunshine on my face. Since then I I have been taking solitary icy cold (and very bundled up) walks to uplift my spirit. I think it’s working a bit. Once I started feeling better I was treasure hunting and sketching again, although at a much slower pace. I hope for a shift in energies soon. Everything is cold and grey and I am dreaming of sunshine and lushness….flowers and meadows and picnics and laying in the grass with bare toes.

I have a few favorite things that I acquired recently. I’m inspired.

I want to to wear embroidered gardens (or sail in a ship atop one)….

I am still inspired by ancestor-ship imagery (not all ships with masts are for pirates!). I was lucky to find this little scrimshaw-inspired sterling silver brooch in an antique shop last week, along with a pretty adorned clutch.

And a little corner of my studio where my favorite jacket (featured above) hangs. Sunny corners and pretty clothes are enough to brighten me on a winters day.

Thanks to all your comments on my post from the beginning of January. I hope to reply to everyone today! I am full of gratitude that each and every one of you come back to visit, despite my recent lack of postings. Happy February.

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  1. Dear Sarah, I am SO sorry to hear that you’ve been so ill!!! I hope that you are well on the way to recovery now. I’ve missed your posts. Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts on my sweet kitty; it was greatly appreciated.
    I love scrimshaw jewelry. You don’t really find that much of it any more. There’s something so delicate and beautiful about it. And I SO wish I could embroider. I can do very simple things, but nothing quite so gorgeous as on your jacket and clutch.
    Here’s to your health this year, Sarah~and a beautiful year of creativity!!!
    Best wishes, Theresa

  2. Im so sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Glad you hear you’re feeling better. Spring just keeps getting closer! I too have been obsessed with the sea and big masted ships…I think it stems from being so very land-locked. I just finished a painting today called The Sea Captain’s Wife. We must be on the same wave-length….

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you have been ill…but very glad to know your feeling better and enjoy the new Year again!: ) I do love your pretty posts and beautiful little details!! Thank You so much for dropping by my blog over the weekend and leaving so kind a comment! Your so lovely!

  4. Being sick is the worst! So glad to hear that you’re recovering. I too am eagerly awaiting Spring and I can’t wait to jump in the garden and plant some flowers or have picnics on the beach once again.

    *Love* you jacket! Do take care!

  5. Sorry to hear that you were sick, Sarah. I’m glad you’re back on your feet, looking and finding inspiration again. I think you and I are on the same page these days – which makes me quite happy, btw. I gave my sister a scrimshaw brooche I found in a vintage shop not too long ago. I was so tempted to keep it! It also has a ship on it plus a whale. And I’m also fascinated with the thought of ships, early immigration to Canada/America from elsewhere, songs of leaving one’s country and living in a new land, and family trees. I can’t wait til the weather warms up so I can start painting with encaustics again, all with those ideas in mind.

    Your black velvet jacket with the embroidery and the embroidered purse are beautiful! You really know where to shop for the good stuff!

  6. I was worried about you and checked in every day…I am so glad you are feeling better and posting again…your posts make me smile!! Please take care and get back up to speed soon…

    Love the embroidery…

  7. I am also sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well at the beginning of the year. Spring will be hear soon with the promise of new life and health. I adore your jacket. It is just the think I would search for, find, wear and love for ever.

  8. I love this photograph of your skrimshaw brooch …
    I blogged it (and a whole lot of your images) on my friend Andrea’s new Tumblr : “she found sea stars in her eyes…”

    I hope that it will make you smile.
    Hugs & Kisses
    Kittens & Mittens
    x x x

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