a different kind of birch forest

Version two of my graphite drawing, details first:

I decided to add the levitating crown from the original sketch. I have been inspired by this painting by Albrecht Durer, moths instead of the angels. Originally I was going to have the moths hold up the crown, but then I put them over to the side, as if they were released from her ribboned hand. I had another idea for the treatment of birch trees that I wanted to try. It’s a bit softer. I am still stuck on which one I like more.
Drawing, in entirety:

11″ by 14″ pencil on paper

And yes, I did the whole thing over, again. I was thinking about just drawing the new background of birch trees and digitally putting the girl in the foreground, but I must have original hard copies of my work. It’s one of those obsessive things that I suffer from.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments about my drawing in the previous post! Perhaps I’ll make a painting from her or somehow integrate her into a larger painting.

There will be a print of this drawing in my shop, very soon.

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  1. This is gorgeous. Is it by any chance based on the song “Baby Birch” by Joanna Newsom?

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