wildflower fields and other places

New art tomorrow! But for now…

What is it about sitting in a sun-drenched wildflower field, late afternoon, in the fall? The filed was blooming with michaelmas daisies, goldenrod and milkweed pods about to burst.

We took a little trip down the Delaware River to New Hope, PA for the arts festival (and to explore the alleyways and gawk at the stone dwellings). Walked around and looked at the art stalls, went in the bookstore… it’s always been my favorite little river town rich in history with some of the earliest and most significant stone buildings in the United States.
Antique home by the back street canal, wrought iron gates and ivy.

Early 1700’s stone building, in town.

Then we drove up to Frenchtown, NJ for a bit. It was totally appropriate because I just finished reading “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and she lives there!

Favorite Victorian in the wee town…

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  1. You and I are on the same page, Sarah. The autumn colours in the fields are just so rich, so vivid, aren’t they? It takes the breath away and make my heart dance looking at it all.

    And that area of NJ and PA is one of my favourite destinations. Did you take Route 32 (River Road) on the PA side? I love that drive. And did you go to Elizabeth Gilbert’s husband’s shop “Two Buttons” in Frenchtown?

    1. Used to take that way.I didn’t go to Two Buttons, although I wanted to. We Drove by it but I believe it was closed. Maybe thats an excuse though. Is she actually in there?? Gosh, I don’t think I could go in, I’m too shy.

  2. Oh I miss New Hope and its surrounding loveliness. I didnt know that Liz Gilbert lived in Frenchtown! Next time Im home to NJ maybe Ill take a trip.

    Ive never been to new england but once this summer. Id love to see it in the fall.

    1. It just makes the area more special that she chose to live in Frenchtown, NJ…shes such an enlightened world traveler. To settle in Jersey?? But you and I know its great here!

  3. wow! we are practically neighbors! I had no idea you were so close to where I live. I will be in New Hope next week end for a wedding myself. New Hope is delightful as is Lambertville and Frenchtown! What a wonderful day that must have been!!
    Here’s wishing you many more.

    1. Yes, went to Lambertville last weekend too, after New Hope. I always have to cross over. Or “Attraversiamo”, as Liz Gilbert would say:)
      Have fun at the wedding, what a lovely place to choose to get married!!

  4. hello, so funny and strange to see you in and amongst the scenery that I visit everyday! did you happen to go into a shop called frenchtown merchantile? They sell my needled felted little friends there. They are under the label Felt Forest. Your work is just so lovely, I can’t wait to see what you have created each time! Thanks so much for sharing it with the world. 🙂

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