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I have been busy making the most fanciful necklaces to go with my newest paintings. They are constructed of giant keys, snippets of my theater paintings in cameo form and lush velvet ribbons and bows. Different from my vintage locket necklaces, and I’m so excited about them. I still need to take photos…and tomorrow one will go up in my shop.


Louise from Art and Ghosts has a newish blog called Milk Tooth which is so nice to visit. Yesterday I was visiting there and she had a post about the Humpty Dumpty Circus, a toy that I had seen at the museum in Vermont. I managed to take a little snapshot of it, it really is quite the toy!

I do appreciate this old imagery in the museum setting. Folk art or toy, there is such painstaking craftsmanship in these pieces. I still had one more set of photos to share from the museum, which has such a crazy huge collection of circus items- folk art, toys, posters. Even a 1920’s carousel.

These carved elephants were in a circus procession which included over 4,000 pieces.

There were themed carts, this on one of 100’s in the procession.

A few other things, some curtained theater imagery which has been inspiring me as of late:

This model took 40 years to complete and has over 3,500 little pieces!

And speaking of theater imagery, the other evening was spent at the breathtaking Radio City Music Hall, which is the most magical place to see Tori.

She looked mad leaning over her piano. Such a passionate artist, an amazing show that had me swooning for days.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your new pendants! I absolutely adore the work you’ve been doing. How lucky of you to have seen Tori. Haven’t seen her in years…she last performed locally when we were away out-of-state on vacation. I do hope she swings by Connecticut again soon! Hope you are well!

  2. oh boy, these are just wonderful! im so glad you have shared them, for i had not seen the colour pics!
    if only i had been there in person!

    i cant wait to see the new necklaces too. your ideas and themes always delight me.

    lou x

  3. Wow, these toys are amazing! I cant believe the one with each little audience member…that is astonishing. Just think how much care went into each and every one….

    Did you go see Tori for her latest tour? I love her concerts, but she hasnt come to Oklahoma in years…breaks my heart! I dont know why, but every time the winter comes and a chill comes into the air I have to start playing Boys for Pele and Under the Pink…they just go with the season I guess 😉

    Cant wait to see more museum art!~

  4. Ã…Ã¥ and I loove both theater, circus..and all things about them. have a little carousel, an old one at hime, and…love so much Tori Amos too. it´s evening here now…hope it will be sun tomorrow..are going to eat cake all day 🙂

    love Lycke

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