orange marmalade, embroidery and other things

Yum! Part of Saturday morning breakfast.

I opened the fridge the other day to find the most delightful jar of orange marmalade (put there by my husband who is quite the foodie). Besides the marmalade’s amazing taste and subtle orangey zing, the jar is so pretty. My paint brushes are sure to find a home in it when empty. It’s made from a thick milky-white glass and the antique-inspired labels make me feel like it’s from very long ago (and the label says established 1797 so I’m in).

Inspiring me the past couple of days…

Rich, fall-like embroidery, velvets and wool. So perfect for September!

Went to a bag sale yesterday and thrifted these little vintage white gloves. They are completely hand sewn and I am in love with the delicate little bow details. They found a home clothes-pinned to my inspiration ribbon, behind my desk.

I have been thinking about goats since last weekend when we visited a farm. They must enter my painting sometime soon! The snippet above is from the book Heidi by Johanna Spyri.

I so wanted to take this little guy home:

It’s a rainy night and I am tucked away in my little room sorting through boxes of wool and calico. I am thinking about making a few totes and picking out the fabric is half the fun. Looking forward to tomorrow, we are visiting an organic farm (and I hope they have goats there!).
A good weekend to all!

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