September! Tights and Books!

Today I welcomed September with open arms! Fall is a time when I feel the most creatively charged and over-the-top inspired. So many plans for fall… apple picking and pumpkin carving, long walks in the golden sun through the woods, cozying up and drinking hot tea with honey to name a few. Today I took out my fall-ish clothes, velveteen skirts, little jackets and TIGHTS! Yes, I have huge collection of tights, printed and brightly colored, and nothing says tights like September. And October, November, and December for that matter!

And books! Books are for fall too. I think I might reread some of my favorites. Last week we were roaming around a really neat bookstore and I spotted this little gem on top of one of the book shelves in the children’s section. It has a new home with me now…

It’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and the cover delights me to pieces! I’ve never seen this version before (the inside is a little brittle so no peeking around in there).

So the happiest of September’s to everyone, and thanks for putting up with my little tight obsession (there’s more photos but I don’t want to be a bore). And if anyone knows a great tight site online, please let me know so I can feed the obsession even more.

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    1. Oh my goodness I love your art! I was just in Philly too, I wish I could see the show. Everything looks so nice.
      Well, I go all over the place looking for tights, and I think the ditzy print ones are Donna Karen. The others are just Hue. They make some good tights! The first pair of shoes are vintage and the others are a few seasons old, Aerosoles, Urban O and Dansko I think.

  1. Oh, I was going to recommend Sock Dreams too! I just got some great sturdy tights from them. They also have wonderful knee socks. And best of all, free shipping!

    By the way, I’m a first time commenter. I just love your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks Angelique! It’s good to hear they are sturdy. I stock up because I know the tights will last two times and them rip to shreds. I need to order from them! Thanks for your comment here:)

  2. I love your images of shoes and tights! I’m so happy fall is almost here. It always feel like a new year at this time (due to all of those years on school , I suppose).I’m ready to get back in the studio:)

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