21 replies on “promising poppy lockets”

  1. Oh Miss Sarah,

    Your lockets are marvelous!! You know, I adore poppies!!! As a matter of fact, I was in poppy heaven one summer in Taos New mexico!! You should see the giant poppies they get, huge AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Just wonderful creations!!! xo

    1. thanks a bunch! its an old book from my collection of, well, very old books! Its a fairy tale book and its SO tatterned and faded, but makes a good backdrop and is fun to flip through (although the binding snapped and the pages are looses now!)

  2. what a lovely blog! Ive enjoyed reading it for the last few days now. Your level of creativity is really inspiring.
    Youre on my link list. Hope thats okay 🙂

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