Recently my sketchbooks have been brimming with ideas for future paintings, so I thought I’d post some here. It makes me a bit nervous…they are for future paintings, which means they might not happen for awhile or at all. But they happened in sketchbook form, so why not show? And I absolutely LOVE to see other artists sketches posted! So much work goes into a final piece, from inspiration concepts to little notes in the margins to color ideas and torn pages…usually unseen behind-the scenes scribbles and such. My sketchbooks have become more and more valuable to me, I can dream of having piles and piles of well-worn sketchbooks filled to the brim with little ink, pencil and watercolor, mmmmm!

Although I tend to switch back and forth I LOVE this sketchbook’s paper! It’s a hardcover 8 1/2 by 11″ acid free recycled light brown.

Bee stings and rosey things like cheeks and cherry red lips…and the girl wearing the garden is getting painted, without a doubt!

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  1. Sarah, I love how these all seem to go together! How the bees, fox, lockets, trees and house grow from one to the next. Its wonderful to see your process, I sometimes like sketches better than the finished pieces, as they show what the heart desired initially before over-working… I agree, the first one speaks to be a painting, but they all show promise!

  2. I for one love seeing the beginnings of an artists idea. From concept to finished product, the details are all of interest to me~ Thank you for sharing. I adore these and can’t wait to see the finished projects.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I absolutely LOVE seeing other artist’s sketchbooks… it is always so interesting to see how their ideas develop. 🙂 These sketches are GORGEOUS!!! 🙂 And i just love that paper… what is the brand of the sketchbook (if you don’t mind my asking…)?

    1. Thanks Casey, likewise! The sketchbook is cachet. Its hardbound but they come in spiral too. And now I switched to my white sketchbook, I can’t seem to make up my mind (constant change makes me feel the most creative I guess!)

  4. I absolutely adore the second one!!
    The imagery in this most recent blog reminds me of the random words, phrases, and ideas that I have been jotting down in my writing journal as of late. I wonder if it has to do with the time of year….

  5. I love Etsy, doing the Pounce thing I happened upon your recent sale and followed the trail to these wonderful sketches of woodland creatures, mysterious women and fantastical places. To me the sketch books of artist’s are their soul, a peek within this wonderful world of imagination. I have only ever done 3D and am in wonder of someone who can inspire paper to life.

    1. Thanks! Now that I posted them I need to make them into paintings…the pressure is on (and its also what I need to stay motivated!)
      I am going to email you right now about the art.

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