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All the sketching is sort-of-satisfying but what I really LOVE to do is paint! And recently, like the sketching, I have lots going on at once. I was able to work more on this painting due to a snowstorm today! A peek, work in progress:

I love snow! I hope to spend the weekend playing with paints and drinking tea INDOORS!!


Recently my sketchbooks have been brimming with ideas for future paintings, so I thought I’d post some here. It makes me a bit nervous…they are for future paintings, which means they might not happen for awhile or at all. But they happened in sketchbook form, so why not show? And I absolutely LOVE to see other artists sketches posted! So much work goes into a final piece, from inspiration concepts to little notes in the margins to color ideas and torn pages…usually unseen behind-the scenes scribbles and such. My sketchbooks have become more and more valuable to me, I can dream of having piles and piles of well-worn sketchbooks filled to the brim with little ink, pencil and watercolor, mmmmm!

Although I tend to switch back and forth I LOVE this sketchbook’s paper! It’s a hardcover 8 1/2 by 11″ acid free recycled light brown.

Bee stings and rosey things like cheeks and cherry red lips…and the girl wearing the garden is getting painted, without a doubt!

a few new things…

I am so excited to offer these cameos featuring mini prints of my paintings! There’s only three though, and here they are:

They are listed here

And I have been painting her (name forthcoming)…

A week or so when she’s dry I hope to make her into a new print. I am starting another one tonight. Hooray for days off and days (and late nights) of painting!

And yes (a few of you guessed in my previous post) the little plastic blue case is a sweet, sweet typewriter! ‘Twas a lucky find for three dollars at one of my favorite thrift shops.

My initial idea was to make an all-blue shelf and stash my blue book collection behind it. I wanted to display a birds nest on the type writer with robin eggs inside (because I know it is very unlikely I will use it much) but it won’t fit on my shelf, despite its small size.

Today was complete spring trickery! I went for two walks today through the woods with my spring jacket on. It was warm breezy with raindrops on and off, sun peeking through the clouds and going back in. I hope hope hope that it freezes over tomorrow because I bought a pair of ice skates yesterday. And how nice and smooth will the skating pond be after thawing and refreezing?!

Warm tea…

All that is needed right now, cups and cups of it! Been sick and in s-l-o-w mode, and I have lots of things to post (a whole pile, oh dear). But in the grogginess of the morning I was so excited to see my name as one of the winners on Marmee’s Valentine’s drawing!

Must be the season but I am collecting vintage tea cups, I can imagine them delicately piled on my bookshelf… this one from last week:

My friends and I have been planning an elaborate outdoor tea party with little cakes, dresses and vintage hats, so I am longing for the warm weather. Right now we are in the middle of a snowstorm and it is so cold and blustery outside!
Green is and had always been my favorite color. But I find myself being drawn to all shades of blues for the time being. Maybe becasue I keep finding pretty blue things. I would like to fill an entire shelf with all things blue. A little pile of things from last week:

and I was looking for a whole year for a very certain treasure, found inside of this bright blue plastic case:

Resisting to look on ebay, I found it in real life last week. It’s a pretty shade of blue. Can you guess what it is? (I’ll have a picture soon!)

I like things with dead insects imbeded inside. I have a few little frames with butterflies mounted, their wings tattered from age. This paper weight has a giant creepy beetle inside. The peachy petals of the flower remind me of the tulle on a 1950’s prom dress I have packed away.

Yum cross-stitched birdie and an old post card with poppies.

Wishing I could get more done. On Sunday the sunshine was pouring into my tiny painting corner, and everything looked so untouched, which makes me very sad but hopeful at the same time. I have some new paints that I can’t wait to play with as soon as I am feelign better! Nothing feels better than new paints.

Oh, and I got this pretty vintage floral jumper dress on etsy. I just love the little white buttons on the shoulders and the bold floral print against the black. It reminds me of Frida, which remindes me of a certain exhibit which we are going to see soon. I was jumping for joy when I heard about this one, and what fun to visit Philly!

I have some more little cameos and lockets to post soon, and some sketches maybe.

vintage rosebud locket with mini prints

It’s hard for me to let go of this sweet treasure (I doubt I’ll ever find another locket like this) but it holds the mini prints so well …

This one-of-a-kind locket is in my store

Oh, and the belt is from abstractpretty on etsy. I will soon own three of her belts…they are so so perfect for cinching in that too-loose vintage dress and prettying it up a bit!

A quiet week. I am looking forward to a restful weekend with lots of outdoors. Today I bought new paints and brushes, a book on terrariums and a polka dot shirt… and that was my excitement for the week. Yesterday it was 62 which left me craving spring.

And another locket…

This time, listed in my store.

The dear little thing open: