sepia rose sketches and other Tuesday things…

Yesterday I sketched this two page spread in my moleskine. If you look carefully on the left side there is a garden behind the woman. In the garden are three sleeping foxes amongst paper ephemera sepia colored roses. They blend in all too well!

Right now I am jumping for joy! I have been eyeing these vintage lace up boots for weeks now. I could not get them out of my mind (yes, they are the reason my favorites were set to private!) I like to try on so I scoured the stores to find new ones like these but no luck anywhere. They are from one of my favorite vintage stores on etsy, Salvage Life. The store is blooming with subdued colors, my favorite. These boots are just what I need to wear with all my winter skirts, and I just love lace ups!

Etsy is just blooming with the best vintage things! Two other vintage items on Etsy, still for sale at JohnDoeDress. Lovely, lovely colors and shapes, lots of pretty things in the store too.

warm pumpkin and golden tones like those above have been inspiring me as of late. I guess its warmth that I seek. It is COLD here! Everything is covered in a thick layer of shiny ice. I am looking forward to the holidays when I can hibernate! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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  1. oh those paintings are beautiful!! i love the bundle of twigs in her arms, and all the details…lush! you should make this one into a print 🙂
    oh those boots are fantastical, lucky you! xx

    1. thanks so much Smicksy! I would love to make a print of the sketch but I am painting it…maybe I’ll make a print of both!?!
      I can’t wait for Magpie! I love the other issue and I keep reading it over and over again.


  2. Your sketches are *gorgeous*!! I espeically love the close up… I love how you’ve arranged her hair. 🙂 I really like how you used a limited color palette too.

    Those boots are great–I don’t blame you for keeping your favorites private! hehe! I have a huge weakness for vintage clothes too; thanks for linking to the second Etsy shop; I hadn’t discovered that one yet. Just another place to feed my vintage obsession. lol.

    Have a lovely, creative day!!

    1. thanks Casey! I am always on the hunt for anything second hand…etsy is soooo much better than ebay because it’s instant gratification!
      well, I “unprivated” my favs for now…I am actually hoping that all my favs get bought up so I can’t buy them!

      ps- I linked to your blog…its beautiful!

  3. Beautiful sketches- and I love the hidden foxes!! Glorious boots and dresses!! I’ve been craving comfy and cozy dresses- tough to find on a tiny budget though. I’ll wait for an Anthro or FP sale and wear them next year. 😀

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