I know the way from my house to yours…

Sometimes I just like to doodle in my sketchbook. This is one of those doodles from today. It reminds me of my childhood, trying to devise a plan to get to my friends house (which was totally unwalkable and miles away). We mapped out a way to bypass the highways through the woods. The imagination of children is precious, I am thrilled when a teeny glimpse of it is rememebered.

Acorns in moss from the other day. Acorns are falling, fall is in the air! The weather has been absolutely perfect.

I unearthed a silly wooden doll (she is in need of some clothing!) and now she spends her days with Mr. Bluebird. She was purchased at a yard sale and came with a swatch of calico fabric and a colonial style dress pattern. I must of posted soooo many photos of this vintage bird find here, I just love him so much!

Have a beautiful weekend!

2 replies on “I know the way from my house to yours…”

  1. I remember those days!! I was envisioning my running routes up in NJ the other day- they were really quite beautiful…
    That dolly is having some fun in naked as a jaybird state! 🙂
    The acorns are falling and the chai is being brewed around here more too! We are having fall like weather and I am loving it!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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