Favorites on Etsy

A want list for Wednesday (payday is only a few days away, isn’t it?)

Foxes, skeleton key clutches and little floating houses, here they are…

Tobacco Leather Skeleton Key Wallet with Vintage Steel Key by Urban Heirlooms

I have had my eye on this shop for some time, especially the skeleton key clutches. I would love to carry one around, as they seem to be a joy to behold with their rich leather and antique key closure!

Fox and Chicken Needle Felted Pair by Motley Mutton (and the gangly goats)

What a lovely little pair! I am a huge fan of anything fox related, so this pair strikes my fancy to the umph degree.

A Fox Lady and Her Bird by Sarah Ogren

Sarah’s collages are a double dose of whimsy! I especially love the fox head on the Victorian body

And finally, as it has always been, I am ever-so-enchanted by the work of Art and Ghosts.

Here is a current favorite of mine, Architecture of Dreams.

I think I have turned into an Etsy addict, as recently I made a few purchases on there for myslf. I will have to share my things later!

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