A garden grows on my tights

One day I would love to grow a herb and flower garden for the butterflies and bees.
I bought these tights and they remind me of a garden…

I have an intense liking for kinds of tights, from lavishly patterned and dotted to textured with ribbing and lace. Tights are wonderful and I am so happy that the chilly days will be approaching in a few months. I like scarves too and on the same trip I bought a pretty pashima with green and black hearts.

scarf and tights

I would plant these in my garden too. What is their name?

Stone key

What would you plant in your garden?
I would plant mint, sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, echinacea, black-eyed susans, hollyhocks…

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  1. Hi–I stumbled across your work on Etsy and absolutely love it. I think our work has some amazing similarities!

    Your blog has been a lot of fun to explore, too. I don’t know if you already got the answer to this question, but the flowers are called liatris, or gayfeather. I have some in my garden. They’re incredibly hardy perennials and the butterflies and hummingbirds love them. In the fall, the gold finches go crazy over the seeds.
    Anyway, more info than you bargained for!


  2. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to have my own garden in the near future…I would love to plant those! Your art is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow! And I went on your blog…and I love your studio space, so pretty with lots of old goodies.
    Thanks for leaving a little note here, I am going to add your diary to my blogroll.


  3. Your tights look fantastic, I love unusual colours and patterns myself ,where did you buy them?

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