Monthly Archives: April 2011

inside, outside rainy days

I hope everyones Easter and/or Passover was nice! It has been quite rainy here (with the exception of a few very nice sunny hours today. I have been taking rainy walks, meandering outside if only for a bit. I just love it outdoors in the rain, indoors in the cozy dark. Yesterday I bought the most yummy blueberry tea (more on favorite teas a later date!) And oh dear my orchids are suddenly not doing too good… buds are falling off before blooming?? Today was back to work. Well, outside to do some walking with my little one!

skunk cabbage!

Yesterday was so perfectly dreary! I walked through a pretty swamp area of the woods with little meandering streams while my tiny one napped in his carriage. The skunk cabbage (or meadow cabbage, swamp cabbage… whatever-have-you) was blooming in all its glory. Did you know that the pungent odor created when tearing the leaves of a skunk cabbage attracts its pollinators? Flies and bees! It was used a a medicinal plant and talisman by Native Americans as well. Usually the first dramatic bit of greenery in these parts. And the woods were so misty. Love love love the early spring.

And today is my birthday! This morning my husband surprised me with the most beautiful orchid for my collection. More photos to follow…


I think my creative muse is most wild in the springtime. Blooming and blossoming ideas and sketches right now. Outside most of the day today, sitting pond side. The air smells of cherry blossoms, the earth cool. Sketching sea ladies based on antique photos and hanging out with my little guy. Happy spring!

framed prints

During the next few days, in my shop, I will be offering framed and matted prints of a few oil paintings from a couple of years ago. Coupled with the sweet creamy frame, this one is one of my favorites. I usually don’t produce framed prints but I just received a shipment back from a store and decided to offer them on etsy.

And this (from one of my favorite vintage shops on etsy) , The Sailors Apprentice Dress …oh my, isn’t it so completely perfect (and goes so well with the above print). From the color to the big tie bow to the buttons, pintucks and white stitching details….I want to wear this dress on a chilly late spring day whilst searching for shells on the sandy shore. I have slightly warmer weather on my mind. And we have a nor’easter coming tomorrow. Spring’s April fools!