Monthly Archives: August 2010

today (to pass the time)

Today was so perfectly overcast and peaceful.

A bit of chaos.

Covering many buttons with snippets of autumnal-hued fabric (to adorn a thrift shop coat I purchased a few days ago).

Took a walk round and round the pond at my favorite outdoor spot.

Then it rained!

A bit of calm before the storm, stream-side with wildflowers and cat tails…

week 39 (and a handful of first acorns)

Waiting. Everything baby-related is all set. I’ve been taking walks, sipping iced green tea and lemonade and treasure hunting to pass the time. Yesterday I found a beautiful wooden box adorned with violets, some locket cameos and wool sweaters for the upcoming season.

We went exploring in Princeton and came about this pretty mansion with a big front porch and rocking chairs (perfect to rest my tired feet). And here we are…

And a beautiful english-stye garden leading to the back of the house

I always look forward to the first handful of fallen acorns this time of year!

We simply can not wait to have our little one trek around with us this fall! I have ideas for pumpkin patch photos and other autumn-y outings. Fall in these parts is the best!

Happy mid-August all!