Monthly Archives: November 2009

Up to…

I don’t really want gush over my new kitty too much here, but I’ve been spending all of my time with my sweet persian, Maximilian Cream Puff. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and softest fur, I am in love!

The days are so short. Too short. Its completely dark 4:30. I’m having a hard time with the lack of light.

Sun drenched afternoon wildflower fields, late fall.

Very soon I’ll be back from my blogging break.


Hello beautiful crisp days!

We just got back from hiking at the nearby Wick farm. The New England style farmhouse above is from 1750. Despite the clear skies and November sunbeams, the inside of the homestead was so dark and smelled of creosote from ages past. A little fire burned in the kitchen and herbs hung from the ceiling. The surrounding fields were the home to 13,000 soldiers during the Revolutionary War. I can’t wait to go back next weekend!

Thanks so much for all your comments on my windowsill collection and things! I have been busy, computer turned off and out of sight, outside playing in the sun (and will be until it’s too unbearably cold to be outdoors).
Have wonderful weeks, all!