Stopping to observe simple, favorite little things from “home” this past weekend:

? subtle touches of pinks and violets

? ice on antique windows

? wild turkey feathers

? dusty collections on windowsills

? dotted swiss on snow

And the 2nd photo (with the green bed) was one of my bedrooms in the house. For a big Victorian farmhouse it’s the sunniest, smallest room imaginable with a huge bay window and stained glass that colors the wide-planked floor with sunbeams. It’s a perfect room for cuddling up with a book or writing in a journal. I was in love with violets and I picked out the wallpaper. It’s still the prettiest I’ve seen! When I moved out my mom hung herbs to dry from the ceiling because it gets so warm. Although I could only fit a bed and a small dresser, it’s still my dream room!

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  1. What a beautiful space. Its funny, my room at my parent’s house is also done in violets. When I was a teenage we painted it puple and put up a bode of eyelet and violets, it reminded me of a victorian valentine. Great minds think alike 😉 Im sue that room looks amazing now with all you mom’s drying flowers.

    1. Thanks Heather! I just posted a little peak at the flowers drying!
      Makes me wish for summer (or spring for that matter)
      Violets are the most precious things. Have you ever candied them?

  2. That bedroom sounds perfectly dreamy! I love bay windows. I actually had one in my dorm room my second year of college. It would have been perfect to sit in and daydream but my roommate at the time tended to pile her stuff in it 😉

  3. you had an anne of green gables bedroom! i’m swooning at the idea! i like the curtains too (p.s. – if you get this similar comment twice, sorry, i’m confused with the commenting today, tried to leave you one just now but it vanished).

  4. Bonjour sara ,

    …I dont want to disapoint you, but your feather is from a wild turkey not a hawk !
    I have a huge collection of feathers , I collect since i’m a very little girl … i’m now 31 next saturday.
    Is it a way I can send you some pictures of my collection ?

    …and your black and yellow feathers …I think it’s from a kind of woodpeacker…

    bye !

    Marie-Eve ( Québec -Canada )

  5. Thanks! It makes sense to be from a wild turkey, as they are all over the place here in NJ!!
    I am rather jaded on hawks as I saw one up to no good yesterday. They are rather violent!
    I would LOVE to see your collection of feathers! Email me
    And, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

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