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Shop Update

There will be some vintage-inspired lockets up for grabs in my shop at noon eastern time. Wonderful BIG golden lockets tied with vintage ribbons, laces and bows. And a few dainty silver ones too. Please do stop by!

rainy sunday

Became completely, totally absorbed in my painting today, listening to the soft raindrops outside the window. What a feeling and a terrific, productive Sunday! When I was finished with the long painting session I had paint all over my hands, arms, legs, and a glob between my toes! Afterwards was flipping though a neat old book of poetry called the Windflower Home Companion which I am smitten over (it was a dusty thrift shop find) and decided to scan some of the faded pages and made a few raindrop-inspired memory pages. And now the rain has stopped and I can hear Katydids, which are twice as nice. And the air is a chilly, cardigan-wearing kind of cool and damp which makes me daydream about being in Maine or anywhere New England for that matter. We didn’t make it up there this year and I am feeling a little bit of a loss.

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! There’s still PLENTY of time to enter, as I am doing the drawing at 5:00 Eastern time this Friday!

Giveaway Time!

It’s a vintage pocket watch (clock hands removed) with a mini print of Seafaring Heart inside! And this watch has a story (a creepy but magical one of sorts). I bought it from an antique dealer at an outdoor market, I found it as I was digging through a box of rusty things and for some reason I felt compelled to make it mine. It was broken, but for some odd reason it would start ticking here and there, without winding (the winder knob was broken.) I was honesty sick of hearing it go off at random times so I decided to dissect it and use the watch body as a frame for my print (little gears are still inside though). I want to pass it on to you, bewitched as it is. I think the ticking might have forever stopped but the winner MUST let me know if it starts up again!

Hang it on the wall OR wear it around your neck. It comes with a pretty vintage lace tie and some bits of calico!

Do you want it mailed to your doorstep wrapped in pretty antique fabric?

To win it all you have to do is describe to me the highlight of your summer thus far! I will randomly choose a winner Friday, August 15 at 5:00 PM! Please don’t be shy!

lets fast forward to fall, shall we?

Always looking forward to the cooling down of the fall this time of the year (and it’s a couple of months away but its fun to imagine!). It’s sweltering hot here but I have been dreaming of wool hats for the cool weather and crunchy leaves! In preparation I bought this cozy red wool hat from Little Houses and oh, how I am oogling over this coat too! The Sawdust Coat and the Quito Coat are beauties as well.

ok now, back to summer.

honeybee forest sea

A peek at a painting in progress, Honeybee Sisters

Yesterday I decided to put this painting aside and paint the pair into more of a setting with bee imagery (recently I have had a craving to paint more detailed settings as opposed to portraits). I’ve been researching bees and hives and they hold a vast amount of symbolism and meaning which is interesting. Interpret it as you will honeybees are pretty too and I love to see them buzzing around the flowers. Wasps and hornets are interesting as well but I was stung a few weeks ago and I’m still bitter!

While I was roaming around the other day I noticed that they fungi in the moss carries similarities to certain sea treasures, white coral and sea urchin:

How I would love to dangle these forest sea treasures from my ears.

wildflowers, wool and calico…favorite things and places

Mmmm…collected these yesterday, favorite things:

I want to thank the ever-inspiring Casey of Casey Brown Designs for her sweet mention of me as one of her blog favorites! Her blog is full of pretty vintage ideas, finds and favorite things. So in return I’ll pick some of my favorite artists places to visit that I’m not linked to, for a fun surprise…

1. Persisting Stars is stellar! I discovered Maddie’s blog through her photography on Etsy, Courage My Love. Her images are moving, and her blog is full of inspiring words and beautiful musings, I just love to read it as well as gaze at her images.

2. I absolutely love the paintings of Rebecca (I could stare at them forever the imagery is so detailed!) and her diary, Apple Crunch features her new work and snippets of her life in photos.

3. I like to visit Elsita’s Blog as she updates regularly with lots of new things. My favorite thing is her papercuts as they are delicate with outstanding imagery.

4. I have long checked out Rosey Little Things. Alicia is brimming with creative energy (and frequent updates) around her home and in her sewing, knitting, baking…(the list goes on). It makes for inspired nest-feathing!

5. Discovered the work of Camilla Engman on her Flickr some time ago and I have been in awe ever since! Her paintings, drawings and collages are some of my favorites.

Its a beautiful day to be inspired, summer is in its prime. Have a good day!

seafaring vintage cameo locket

Took an early morning walk with my creation from last night. This oversized vintage cameo is from my personal collection but it fit mini prints of my new painting Seafaring Heart so well I decided to part with it. It’s in my store until it’s swept away and it really is the sweetest thing!

And more details (I found an enchanted moss mound of sorts in the woods today!)

See how big it is?!!

It looks so charming around one’s neck with a pretty vintage dress or a delicate blouse of lace.

Have a beautiful Friday!