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A locket ring

Oh, I am so excited about this (and will be very sad to see it go as my little finger was quite enjoying its adornment amongst the moss and feathers!)

It’s a terrific vintage cameo ring with snippets (in mini-print form!) of my painting The Woodcutter’s Daughters. A red-winged blackbird graces the outside of the ring, while the two sisters hide away inside (and await your opening of the locket to sneak a peek at them from time to time!)

This one-of-a-kind vintage ring is available in my shop.

wild by nature

Was searching online for animal stories of old and I came across this lovely, lovely old book which is online in it’s entirety full of inspiring, sweet little images.

So now stories of spiders and moles, beetles and bugs and silly nuthatches are going through my head.

I have been collecting feathers! I think I get a few new ones with every trot through the woods and field (and sometimes even in town)! At the beginning of the summer my dear little collection looked like this:

Just a few feathers (although the yellow one was quite a rare find). As soon as I receive my new camera from the postman (the faeries got a hold of my precious old one and broke it!) I will have to share! That goes for the jewelry update as well, vintagey goodness and my mini print cameos are sitting on my worktable without a camera to capture their image! So for now I leave you with my favorite things, calico quilts, feathers and ships.

Two sisters again, The Woodcutter’s Daughters

…visit the sea. And yes, they seem quite peaceful but there is something going on here that is not quite right. I think the red-winged blackbirds went off with just a few ships, their beaks tied up with scarlet ribbon. Off in the stormy distance you can see the line of birds as they fly away. My thats a lot of ships to take from the sea!

So here it is, The Woodcutter’s Daughters Visit the Sea

and a little detail (my favorite part!)

A print is available in my shop.

And there exists a tale called “The Woodcutter’s Daughter (singular) which I just googled. The painting is not connected to the story at all (in my mind anyway), but now I am off to see what the tale is all about! Oh, and there will be a lovely cameo ring in the shop very soon with a mini print from a painting, so please check back!

The Bumblebee Sisters

Not able to resist temptation, the sisters bought a bright red bird. Now it’s home and squawking like crazy, and must be fed three times a day or else. Oh, and it bites! Two very, very unhappy sisters indeed!

The Bumblebee Sisters Bought A Bird print is available in the shop.

Loosely based off a sweet old photo, one of my favorites. As I was painting I noticed the sisters in my reference seemed a bit disturbed. Hence, the bird.

Red feathers are pretty though.

wandering heart

A new painting, Wandering Heart.

Yes, the gypsy wagon is her heart. And she is all ready for the cold and snow bundled up! There’s a bit of distance in her eyes, isn’t there? A print on canvas or paper is available in my shop!

I have been wandering a bit myself, through fields basked in early morning sunlight. The sunlight this time of year is so warm and golden and perfect.

Over the next few days there will be a couple of new prints available in my shop, as some of the current paintings are complete!


I am proud to announce that some of my prints are in the August PikaPackage!

Can you find me on here? I am #5..

For those that are not familiar with PikaLand and the PikaPackages… A PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies from illustrators and artists who sell their wares online, resulting in ONE or TWO free monthly PikaPackage giveaway to readers and the rest to be sold as a lucky dip package to spread the word about their fantastic art.

So this month there is a giveaway for a free Pika Package and you can purchase one in the Pikashop


new locket

has been added to the shop.

Giveaway Winner!

I was completely overwhelmed and so incredibly happy when I took a look at how many entered the giveaway! 60 sweet people! Well, my plan to use a little vintage vase to draw the names from was busted, so I used an old suitcase instead. Perfect!

I cut up the names (along with their summer highlight) folded each one and put them in the case, swirled them around a bit and pulled out a winner…

Michaela is the winner! And just listen to her summer plans… I think the highlight of my summer so far was being accepted on the Illustration course at Falmouth university in Cornwall. I cannot wait to move to live by the sea, in a little marine town full of subtropical fauna and flora, and old pretty boats. I have found a house to share with two girls, and my room has a lovely view of the sea…I am so excited to move there in september!

Congrats Michaela for winning my little watch here, and big, HUGE congrats on your college plans, they sound like a dream (and I am quite envious of the little marine town!)

Thank you everyone for sharing your summer bliss! I enjoyed reading them all so much.


I have been spending most of my time on this, here’s a peek:

Theres a lot more going on in it than shown ( I don’t want to spoil anything!) but the birds (they will be red winged blackbirds) are carrying little somethings tied in bright blue ribbons. There’s also a sister. I think it needs to be put away for a day or two while some layers dry. Paint does build up and turns gooey.

Last reminder, don’t forget about the giveaway! There’s still time until tomorrow to submit names for the drawing!

a few new lockets!

Spent the morning outside in the moss with books and a ship taking pictures of lockets up for sale in my shop.

Here’s a sneak peek at the silvery delicate one featuring Fluttering Away:

All come tied with a vintage snippet of calico and wrapped in old fabrics and laces.