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busy bee weekend

Weekend sketches in my giant deckled-edge thick-textured page book…my favorite (but very heavy) one to tote around right now:

Oh what a very busy (but wonderful) weekend! Friday night we went to Tarrytown to the most quiant, magical old theater to see Neko Case and it was fabulous. We were on the balcony but the space was so cozy that it felt very close to the stage. The theater was like stepping back in time. I was mesmerized by the antique feel of the place, and in combination with Neko’s voice it was bliss! The lighting fixtures were pure magic with their graceful silhouettes and sepia-casting glow. Like like forest spirits dancing all around us. mmm…..a peek!

We got her to autograph a few albums at the end of the show. She was so nice! I tend to get very shy around celebrities but my husband made me wait in line and on the way out I was happy we did!
Saturday was spend sketching a bit, taking a long walk and lots of other chore-ish things. I have been thrifting like crazy (in person and on etsy) and I had a pile of delicate dresses and cardigans from last week to wash. Last week was the best thrifting week in a very, very long time. I got a baby blue typewriter that I am going to display on my shelf with my blue book collection, two very pretty blue vintage dresses, red gollashes, some cardigans from the early 60’s, and a billowy floral sundress for summer. Lets see…oh and on a Sunday morning flea market trip with friends I found the most wonderful little treasures! (all of it below minus the giant lockets but more about that later)

I am going to wear all of it! Little nature-y pins and things, handpainted wooden pointy shoes (to wear pinned to a cardigan) a pocketwatch, skeleton key pin, cameo, and a lucky horseshoe! There were tables and tables of these little treasures and it was so fun to root through it all. The pocket watch is acting stange…it was broken when I bought it but the minute I brought it into my studio room it started to tick-tock and hasn’t stopped since. The best part of the flea market was a stall with a woman selling piles of vintage clothes from her old shop. I bought a sweet gingham dress with a matching cardigan and a sweater that looks like a garden is growing all over it! Also, this bag, which is also a minature embroidered garden…

The bag didnt fit into my scanner but it is so pretty and now I am stocked for the spring and summer…if they would just get here already! I am dreaming of wearing a garden with animals and birds wanding amongst it’s strange made-up flowers…

And I haven’t taken this off since I got it’s parcel in the mail last week:

A sweet dictionary-page glass necklace from found and made on etsy. I’ll have to take a picture of it on because the glass orb pendant is very bit and its just so cute! Also swiped up this shirt on etsy for spring:

Its so soft in person and since most vintage things usually aren’t I was so happy! I am super excited becasue I have been busy making necklaces with assorted giant-sized vintage lockets and old ribbon tied in bows, which I will offer in my shop very soon. They are going to all be one-of-a-kind with mini prints of my paintings inside. Oh, the lockets I found are just so darling! Please come back to visit very soon!

And the Winner is….

CASEY! Thanks SO MUCH everyone for entering… good thing this was a drawing for I would have had a hard time choosing myself! Casey, your locket will be in the mail tomorrow if you email me your addy! Mmmm, yummy locket!

And for now, I am off to Tarrytown to see Neko Case perform! Very exciting weekend ahead.

They Teach Me to Remember

First I would like to thank everyone who entered the locket contest. Such beautiful, touching people you all are! and your writings… I was amazed at the responces! Thank you.

There is still time! I plan to post the winner tomorrow night so please, don’t hesitiate to enter. I can’t wait to send off my little locket to one of you!

I have been spending my nights painting little scenes-within-scenes…stories, memories, imaginary places, animals. I painted They Teach Me to Remember with acrylics on a thick masonite panel with vintage wallpaper. I spent quite some time on her face, changing it a bit from the last time I posted. The whole piece of found wallpaper was hanging over my desk in my studio last year.

AND…Little by little I will be offering prints on canvas! This one is offerered in canvas AND fine art paper, in my shop. The title of the listing specifies paper or canvas.

Locket giveaway!

I was looking into history of the locket and I am pleasantly surprised that they date way before the victorian age. I have a few at at hand and decided it was…

Giveaway time of course!

Last night I made a sweet, sweet locket with mini prints of two of my paintings, One Misty Morning and One Misty Evening …paired together in a giant brass locket which I tied with a vintage snippet of lace and little pink button! It would look so cute around your neck with a pretty blouse or dangling from the wall on an antique hook, mini art!

So precious and totally FREE to one of my lucky readers! All you need to do is imagine that you are a very fashionable woman from a few hundred years ago (and if I know you gals this is NOT a difficult task!) and tell me which pictures of loved ones you would put in your locket and why. They can be loved ones from the present of past…whichever you choose. I will put all the names together and do the drawing in my trusty robin’s-egg-blue kettle pictured here. Oh, I can’t wait to hear about your loved ones, and furthermore I can’t wait to mail one of you a very special gift! Contest ends Friday, January 25th.



The past few nights have been spent painting…dreaming of vibrant gardens with made-up plants, lush mossy greens, garden dresses and imaginary fox. Here is just a small peek at part of the painting, which I hope to finish in a few more stretched-out sittings…maybe this weekend? The girls face need to be adjusted a bit…her eyes maybe. I spend so much time on my faces and sometimes I can’t see what I want to repaint until the scan. It’s usually somewhere in the eyes. For the support I used 30’s floral walpaper with magenta and blue blossoms glued to a panel. The wallpaper has a story all its own but I won’t get into that right now! And my previous post, yes, the objects were found behind my house but the picture of the moss was taken in a beautiful state park in upstate New York. We went hiking there this past weekend. I have another picture which showcases the flourishing wall of moss on a side hill. Love, love, love moss.

AND…there will be another giveaway very, very soon! One that is quite different than the others…

I am obsessing over vintage dresses. Ones with rich patterns and full skirts that can be layered. I just spent a long time over the sink washing out my newest finds. There’s something about hand washing that I enjoy. Tell me, which vintage shop is your favorite on etsy…or ebay…or anywhere for that matter?!


Spent the weekend meandering, hiking and painting! And I am feeling much like a magpie during my woodsy walks…

Collected more rose-printed chards of old teacups and saucers, pinecones and rosehips for inspiration. Yum and I found some old books for a dime each that are already cut up to shreads! Yesterday we had a bit of a snow squall and the mountains in the morning sunlight were glowing with frostiness. Mmm…winter inspiration is tops.

land and sea

I’ve been holding on to these for over a year and have decided to finally let them go. Two sweetly detailed originals up for sale in my shop. In sepia inks.

Forest and Sea

Trees Above and Coral Below

oh wednesday

Tried painting with a feather today. Fingerpainting is much more fun.

Just two little playground pieces. I am most happy painting tight details but these loose concept sketches and assemblages sometimes get the create juices flowing. I usually keep them to myself but why not share once in awhile?

little green

just two, fragments of yesterday’s sketchbook, stitching, sketching, whitewashing, cutting.

mossy slippers

Before the temperature here hit the low teens I was outside in my moss-inspired slippers. The real moss was so lush and beaming with the most beautiful shade of green with little twig-like things embeded throughout. Soft and full of cushiness! Mmmm green… I love green!

Slippers that are supposed to be for inside only

So as part of a way to keep more organized and journal a bit I altered spiral bound calender. Nothing fancy, just gessoed a few pages and glued in bits of things that inspire such as embroideries and little tears of paper. It’s a reminder for me to use all the pretty vintage things I already own. I have so many boxes of lace and papers from my treasure hunts. Before I go and search for more (Oh SO addictive!)I would like to make do and recycle a bit in my art. I think that using vintage pieces really does bring more of a story and energy to the art as well. The embroidery on the right came from a dusty shoebox at a yard sale.

seas of lace

I covered the gessoed cover in old sepia lace from a old dress shop. Sometimes fragmented sentences and phrases come to mind and I have to write them down.


I almost forgot to show this off! yummy plate