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Of spooky nights and hayrides at twilight

Photos taken by moonlight. I was some sort of a doll on Sunday night, I think. I do love this time of the year more than any other. Its a real bummer that Halloween is on a Wednesday night this year. So why not get dressed up early?

As silly as they may seem I still love hayrides. My very first on was at my cousin’s Halloween party on the farm. The whole family piled into the hay wagon and away we went down the dusty dirt road! I think I was dressed as Holly Hobbie (or Strawberry Shortcake maybe? All I know is that it involved a bonnet!). I am desperate to find some photos of that event.

Tell me, what are YOU going to be for Halloween? I would love to hear about your dress-ups!

little leaves

Yes indeed, the joy of searching for vintage clothes. It makes my head spin with excitement. I do need to post more of my finds….this outfit is entirely thrifted (including the tights!)

The other day I walked through a flock of blackbirds. What a joy it was to see their iridescent black feathers in contrast to the autumn leaves. When I walked past they all flew away and the sky turned completely black! Afterwards a black cat crossed my path carrying a little hunted meal. The scene was all-so-spooky and so fall-ish, I wish I had my camera.

So many happy things are happening here! I will spend the rest of the day sewing little goodies for myself, painting and working in my art journal. Going to the pumpkin patch tonight. I am going to put on a funny dress and get lost in a maze of corn. Have a happy, spooky Sunday.

New Things

Although I bought this antique desk for my sketching I often find myself on the floor. It is covered in a drop cloth so messes can be made without worry. Some new things to inspire~ pretty luggage, ship basket and blue cup (I have been very much into cobalt blue recently). Going to glue some papers and whatnot onto the ship’s sails. The basket is just so perfect, like a dream.

I have been scouring Etsy for vintage clothing. This dress was the purchase the other night from AlessiaC

Can’t wait til it arrives! I managed to a huge lot of vintage tights and I think it will look pretty with the red ones.

New chocolate-y patent shoes from ebay. Very vintage and they even came in their original, tattered box! The laces will be replaced with a faded, satin-y ribbon, I think.

And…THE plate (and some new yard sale goodies too)

So I have been busy sketching, and more paintings are on the way. I am going to do more work along the lines of these which are not quick paintings. These larger, detailed and layered works make me so happy. I have just as much fun coming up with the concept in my sketchbook and exploring the many layers of paint and paper as I do with the finished work. Here’s a piece of a litte sketch for the next one up (the sheep was a last-minute-throw-in but now the field will be scattered with them, I think). It’s going to be a little darker and colder than the others but I do think it will be my new favorite…

Have a good night!~*~*


I had such an enchanting weekend! Friday was our four year wedding anniversary. October was the perfect month to get married and even a more perfect month to celebrate! Friday night we went to go see Tori perform. The concert was amazing.

The colors of my weeknd:

The results are in…

with The Very Reluctant Farewell which also came in first place as the most favored, followed by One Misty Morning.

I would like to thank you, each and every one of you! I received a heartstopping total of 77 entries (56 from this blog address and 21 from my livejournal where I post sometimes).

I feel completely honored that all of you read my blog and check out my art now and again! To hear from you only inspires me to post more often (and paint for that matter!). My beloved day job can sometimes leave me feeling absolutely exhausted but now that I know that you are out there I am inspired!

So, Marissa, please email me at so I can get your print on its way to you!

And everyone else, have a great weekend!

Autumn’s warm golden days

…have now turned grey and rainy. Speaking of grey I have to mention that am so inspired by the palette of Andrew Wyeth. His rural subject matter has always been an inspiration to me, but those grays and golds and browns! This little white house painting is a definite favorite. I clipped it out and affixed it to my journal so I wouldn’t forget about it again, along with a new little concept sketch underneath. I have an idea to paint scenes of tiny capped people, strange animals and grouped farmhouses from the 1800’s, all in a tiny scale and very detailed. These tiny girls are watering their gardens but they very well could be tending to strange animals in a faraway place.

I was going through a pile of old books and ephemera and uncovered this print of a painting in a funny little book, isn’t is so lovely?

It’s from a worn blue book called My Miniature Art Collection, Grade 4 and contains some of the sweetest prints in muted palettes. The book was a treasure stacked amongst old paperbacks at the back of a junk shop. I must share some more of this book very soon!

Little things are so delightful! I recently found this little porcelain box with a pearl charm inside and it made my day.

Here’s a pile of inspiring things- glass domes, white pumpkins, old hankies, rusty iron birds, tea cups and blackbird feathers.

I am thinking about setting them up in a shrine sort of way. I haven’t had an inspiration table in quite awhile and its time has been delayed too long!

Those who are here up north, enjoy the rain, it may be with us for quite awhile! Pitter-pat.

Win a free print!

Its that time again…time for another drawing! All you need to do is pick you favorite print and it just may be yours! Which one will you choose?

1. The Woods the Sea and Tea

2. Lost at Sea

3. The Very Reluctant Farewell

4. One Misty Morning

Choose one of the four listed here and on Thursday at 8:00 pm I will announce the winner. The print will then be shipped to your doorstep for free!

Dreaming of ships with map patterned sails

Most of my initial ideas are recorded in my sketchbook. Recently I have been attached to it, carrying it around everywhere. Ideas come and go through dreams, meanderings outdoors, while perusing antique shops, driving or drinking a cup of yummy tea…I never know when I’ll need my book! I have pretty patterned tapes that I use to secure magical little things I find on the ground or in old storybooks. I have no objection to tearing out old book pages. My pile of thrifted books is growing so I have tear and toss or else they will take over my whole studio. Some ideas in my journals are recorded and passed over, but some are used in paintings. Here’s a page…

Time is flying by….I have so many wonderful new vintage things to share. Vintage shoes and riding boots, the most whimsical folk art tin, porcelain sailboat plates a wicker basket that is in the shape of a ship (my heart was all a-flutter for that find)….all from today! I got the best little calico quilted jacket today with toggles, red piping and little patch pockets. I am impatient so I scanned it here, and as soon as it is clean it is going with me into the woods…

I love searching for vintage on etsy. I bought these wonderful wing-tipped vintage secretary shoes from And the Open Road

and I think I am going to make little wool flowers to clip on them. Has anyone seen the magazine Marie Claire ideas? Its in french which I can’t read but the idea photos are lovely!

Ok, enough about old shoes french magazines and thrift shopping. I leave you with this little sketch, she is the “sketchiest” I get (and I am usually shy about posting something so unfinished but I feel brave tonight)

Have a beautiful weekend. I believe this one will be the height of the pretty-leaf season! I hope to carve a pumpkin or two.


More sketching

Chimneys, smokey swirls and folk art leaves, a new sketch Waiting on a Whimsy Leaf
I just finished this tonight and it is offered here in print form!

and some details…

I am in love with sketching. My hope is to further develop my sketches into large paintings. But for now I am sketching like crazy, storing up ideas for the long winter months when I am stuck inside.

Ah, October is finally here! I took a walk today through the woods and the acorns were falling like crazy. And speaking of whimsy leaves above, just look at this tri-colored acorn I spotted on the ground! Can you believe it? It wants to be a autumn leaf!

Have a good week everyone, and have a joyous beginning-of-October.