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pomegranates and fox print now available

Oh, I am so happy to be offering this in my etsy store…

Originally it was in my little moleskine sketchbook and I was excited to paint it a bit bigger on canvas. So I did! Click the link below for a photo.

I would love to thank all you folks who responded with your favorite tea in the previous post! On Monday I am going to write down all the names on bits of paper, put them in the teapot and draw out the winner. There is still time so keep those special tea favorites coming!

I have been very, very busy. Summer will be here soon. I am itching to sit down and paint for long periods of time, draw in the park and play. 21 more days!

patchwork teapot contest

This darling lil’ patchwork teapot needs a home! It needs some advice on which tea to brew. Leave a comment here with your favorite tea and you will be entered in a drawing to win the teapot! The contest ends Monday, June 4th at 6:00 pm.
ps-Anyone can enter… you don’t even need a Live Journal account. If you don’t have an account just leave an anonymous message with your tea of choice. Just be sure to leave your email address in the message.


Flowering cabins and jackalopes

My painting “Flowering Cabins” is now available as a print…

and some finds! I love this tin my husband bought me and just look at the sweet jackalope figurine…

Its not summer til I can wear cascading flowers tangled in my hair

Recent Inspirations:

Yesterday as I was roaming around in a local junk shop I found the most beautiful, faded tangerine- colored book from 1905. I was first intrigued by the once vibrant-now-faded cover with a sparrow on the spine. When I opened the book it was pure joy to see the most delightful illustrations and words. Even more mysterious was the owners name hand written in quill pen on the inside cover…which bared my maiden name. Locally, it could of been one of my relatives!

The blossoms on the wisteria were such a vibrant shade of purple. The sun shone through the petals illuminating each one above me. Vines twisting and turning creating an umbrella above my head.

Hair is fascinating. Although mine is usually sleek I love it long and lush and tangled. I was most inspired by the article on Jenny Hart in Juxtaposed Magazine this month. In the article she explains how she embroidered with real human hair on leather which is so wild!
The article reminded me of a little pen sketch I created a few months ago with twisty-tangled hair. So I am posting here along with a scan of my own tresses on top of pretty artist paper.

The lovely child, nests, hair, sketchies:

And the most enchanting recipe for Lavender Lemonade!
5 cups (1200 milliliters) of water
1/2 cup (112 grams) lavender blooms, stemmed
1/2 cup (80 milliliters) sugar
mint leaves
lavender sprigs

In a small saucepan bring 1 cup of water to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and add the lavender blossoms. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, discard the lavender blossoms and set aside. Add the lemon juice and sugar to the remaining water. Add the prepared lavender tea. Refrigerate when chilled. Garnish with mint leaves and lavender sprigs.

I think it would be wonderful to make ice cubes with mint leaves and lavender buds trapped inside to put in this heavenly summer concoction.

I think I am going to have a small contest to send away my patchwork teapot to one of you so check back very soon!


you’ll find me sitting in sunny spots…

…in the moss surrounded by little yellow flowers with my patchwork teapot. I made another one the other day just for pure enjoyment. It is made from a rescued tea pot and has a lid this time. I cut up the vintage-inspired calicos I bought in a little fabric nook in Salem and made a patchwork design. The whole process was quite meditative. As the days creep by I can do nothing but dream of summer, freedom and time to paint lots and construct magical little things. I have been setting up my worktable, paint brushes and counting my canvases preparing for the summer ahead. There will be painting and some other secret projects too. And do I have plans! I just love summer plans. Solitary picnics inthe park with my tea thermos and sketchbook and painting box, traveling, visiting the woods, sewing a few pretty skirts, hitting the museums and roaming around in the city. And I have a stash of new tunes to listen too as well. Tell me your summer plans?

and another little 8 x 10 print available from an oil painting…

Blue-Sailed Ships

A very good day…I finished an oil painting!
After painting the ship a robins egg blue I was inspired to paint my little thrifted model boat… sails and all. I evan added patchwork sails and painted it a forest to float in.
The print is available in my etsy shop:

spring joys

I think that walking through freshly fallen pink petals is one of springs greatest joys.
I bought a little blue ceramic shoe the other day at the junk shop. It is rather fitting for the season.
A shop update soon with a new print! I had a rather busy weekend but spent the evening painting in oils.


Adventures at the Faerie Festival last Sunday

On Sunday we took a long trek down to the Fairie Festival At Spoutwood Farm in PA. I go every year but this year and this year was the best! The weather was perfect for sitting out in the sunshine on the farms magical land. We walked around, drank yummy tea, perused the vendors enjoyed the beats of the drum circle.
The best part was a miniature gypsy cart that was parked on the grass. I was determined to look for its passengers…

Dear friends….
Miss Cherie:

Miss Shannon:

My dusty boots and patchy tights

Tea Parties!

A faerie cage with moss, feathers and bones. There were real bones hanging from ribbons in the bad faerie lair.

A moss covered parasol under a sky of pine trees. This girl was my favorite.

We relaxed on the grass as the children danced the maypole.

Beautiful blue skies and bubbles floating about

Quirky polka dotties and striped tights

Pony rides and mandarin orange tutus

Shadows, ribbons and skulls hanging from a wall built of sticks

After spending the day outside I was refreshed and ready to go home and enjoy nature again, relax and look forward to summer. Beauty can be found in the smallest places and go unnoticed, like these pretty yellow flowers that sprinkled the field at the festival.

We three going home…

Small Horses, pincushions and sunny spots

I just listed this little mixed media print on Etsy
“The Land of the Small Horses”

Much inspired by my recent purchases of two very quaint vintage pincushions that are very much welcome in my studio. I just felt like snipping little tidbits from my fabric stash and sewing on crisp paper.

A very busy weekend! Last night we went out to Brooklyn to see Mahogany play in a loft space which was a good time. My sweet friend Ana is in the band and the tunes are oh-so-dreamy… you must check them out especially if you like the Cocteau Twins.
Before the show walked around town, browsed in a cozy bookstore called bookstore Spoonbill and Sugartown (which had a wonderful selection of art books) and then ate yummy Mexican food.

Speaking of sewing, the faerie festival is this weekend and I am trekking out to PA tomorrow with a few friends. As of yesterday was still at a loss for what to wear and then an idea occurred to me. Last week I bought a lovely old audubon bird book. I decided to make big bird patches from the books illustrations and handsew them to a dress with colorful embroidery thread I’m going to wear my patchwork tights, boots and tangle my hair all up with egg-filled birds nests. A crazy looking bird-lady I will be. I will post pictures of the whole event very soon.

Have a sunny weekend all!

The woods, the Sea and Tea print now available in my etsy shop

I am introducing another print for sale in my etsy shop. I just love this one, in print the details and textures from the brushstrokes are lovely.
I think that tea, the forest and the sea are my three favorite things right now and combining them is absolute bliss! I just love to sip tea and lately my favorite has been a fabulous green tea/ chai combination. What type of tea do you fancy?

I have a feeling after this weekends faerie festival that my favorite tea will be that of a flower petal sort. I will keep you updated on the festival and tea musings. Right now my outfit consists of a white dotted swiss dress with colorful little birds handsewn on with embroidery thread (printed from my Audubon Bird Guide antiqued last week) and colorful patchwork tights with whimsical gingham details and little insect critters crawling about. I’m wearing these:

I am ready to dance the maypole!