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Some bits of happiness and things to look forward to….

* Dressing up in fluttery dress and traveling down to the Faerie Festival next weekend!

*A 1920’s desk that I bought at an antique shop today. This summer I shall sand it down, paint it a pretty petal color and put a crystal knob on its drawer. A new art nook!

*Leafing through shelves of books and picking out my summer reading.

*Receiving my new Canon scanner in the mail today. Its marvelous!

Have a wondrous weekend all!

sunshine sunday

I had the most splendid weekend. For starters, I turned 28 on Saturday and no better way to celebrate it outside with such lovely weather and sunshine. Last week was a real downer, it rained and rained for DAYS and flooded most of the area. When I saw the first rays of sunshine my spirits were lifted and now I am in the mood for summer and I bet you are too! For my birthday celebration I ate lots of seaweed wrapped sushi followed by an ice cream in its finest form- the sundae!. Today I woke up at the break of dawn and blissed out on a morning walk. We drove down to Princeton and walked around the campus. The magnolia, daffodils and tulips are all in bloom and I am petal heaven.

I am loving yellow and shades of blue, such as found in this Blue Jay I spotted eating a berry. And speaking of spots, how wonderful are polka dots?

And…I have been working on a series of paintings. still on the ship-in-hand theme. Here is a teeny teaser, an under painting of sorts:

Have a good night and a very sunny tomorrow!

Salem, Massachusetts

Back from our trip up to Massachusetts, it was wonderful. Roamed around Cambridge, Salem, visited other little towns such as Rockport and Gloucester. Even though it rained I walked all around with my umbrella sipping hot coffee and browsing in shops. There are a lot of vintage shops in MA! I got a few new things as well, such as a pretty old apron with green piping and pockets sewn from hankies, a mini stash of fun repro 30’s fabrics and some new sketchbooks. In Salem I went to the Essex-Peabody Museum and spent my time viewing both the sailing and folk art. The graveyards in and around Salem were interesting as well. I am so much inspired by the way that the stones are carved and all the folk heads. I posted my favorite one here, the grave of Polly Felt. What a terrific name.

the woods, the sea and tea

I added the final painted details to “The Woods, the Sea and Tea” this afternoon. Afterwords I ventured into the woods in search of the perfect spot to photograph my patchwork teapot. I decoupaged bits and pieces if vintage fabric to the outside and trimmed the top in an antique white eyelet. The idea was sparked by a display in Anthropologie with fabric covered teapots in one solid print. I imagined the teapot as a cozy patchwork quilt and I had to start snipping away at my fabric stash! The teapot looked right at home amongst the moss and sticks of the woods. I would of stayed for a sip of tea with the woodland creatures but I had to come home and pack for my trip. We are traveling up to Cambridge and Salem tomorrow. I am most excited and will post pictures of it all very soon. Have a cozy weekend!
teapot posted in

I am hoping to make prints of this one:

and the teapot…

pictures also for view on my flickr

lovely earthy april things

Part of last weekend was spend meandering around in the woods in search of mossy faerie mounds and checking out the goods at anthropologie.
I found the most magical little moss hill along the trail. The woods were full of mist and dreariness, but somehow the moss almost glowed green. I snapped a lot of pictures of the mossy forest floor. Little twigs and rotting acorn caps were amongst some of the treasures.
The botanical print behind my moss heart is in Anthropologie right now….I am in love with this print!
One of the pictures behind the cut is a display in Anthro as well. Green and browns are love.

pictures of the woods and goods below, behind the cut…

perfect things for spring….

charming fabrics, teapots, and my new novel (I have no intention on reading it, I was intrigued by its vintagey cover and the tension between the two girls in the painting on the cover). Book is from the thrift shop, of course.

The first two pics are from a store filled to the brim with absolute quaintness!

I just finished making a counterpane teapot with tiny pieces of dotted, calico and striped fabric bits and some white cotton trim adorning the top. I am setting up my table for a spring patchwork picnic in miniature. Seeds and petals and little rabbit statues, Alice would be thrilled…will post it all very soon.

Happy April!

A very dreary first day of April, but I was brightened by an enchanted ‘zine sent to me by

Pretty writings and art by fellow folksy artists, and i am honored to be in here as well!