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Wintery walks through the woods

Spring will be here so soon! For now I’m enjoying winters snow and ice. Driving to work this morning was so magical, with trees and mountains blanketed in white. Solitary walks through the woods are nice too. On a trail behind where I live…

snowy mondays and ships to take me away

Oh my…It’s been almost a week since I last updated! Time sure does fly. Recently the days have been filled with bundles of inspiration, a little snow, and some time off.
To start, I received a lovely crochet ascot from the immensely talented
I love it so! I have been hoarding vintage pins (amongst other thrifted things) and I adorned it with a few of my recent finds…a pearly skeleton key and a swirly filigree flower.
Second, I have been dreaming of all things nautical and when I found this ship in the thrift store it was absolute love! I think I am going to paint the whole thing a pretty pale shade of robin’s egg blue. My most recent painting is of a gal drinking tea in the forest and there are ships sailing right into her little teacup! It matches perfectly and I was able to use the ship as reference when I was painting.

Tuesday’s Pretties

Yesterday I took a woodsy walk equipped with a giant blue robin’s egg in my pocket. For a little ritual to ward away the winter blah’s I found a sunny spot with an snowy nest and placed the egg inside. I also thrifted the BEST polka dot shirt planter! I am going to plant some Narcissus bulbs soon.

Wearing the brooch and a peachy plastic ring from the bargain bin at Urban. The granny sweater was a great find as well. Its tiny, has a crochet collar and two yarn pulls.

I love these type of things:

I absolutely love this cardigan with its giant lavender roses and tassel zipper pull, thrifted a few weeks ago.

Another owl! This time a pin.

my cozy art abode part two

Ah yes, here’s the rest! Forgive me if you’ve seen some of these already, I was just so excited about this photo compilation of my little art space that I went crazy posting it all. The first is a corner of my room with the easel and the second is a “cabinet of curiosities” type drawing by Ernst Haeckel. It’s of different starfish and has been a great inspiration to me as of late.
part of this post is in

I have an abalone shell which I keep filled to its iridescent brim with goodies- sea glass, crystals, vintage jewelry and shells.

Another part of another bulletin board. The silver pendant, when spun, reads the words “I love you”

My little table with all my goodies from the land and sea. I painted the lotus pods white to match. I love my weathered mermaid statue the most.

A sketch you’ve seen before and some other things….


Lots of little trinkets are all organized by color…

Painty stuff…

I adorned my bulletin board with cutouts from Free People and some pretty antique lace snippets and other goodies.

#1 thrifted find of all time. Yummy!

Corner of my shelf with chalkboard doodles.

Whale teeth! No I do not own these. Scrimshaw scan from an old craft book. The images on these give me such joy and inspiration.

Snowing, icing, cold cold cold! I am in my studio right now, blissful. I have the day off tomorrow which means an art day! And it’s V-day! Have a happy one.

my cozy art abode- part one

As promised, here are some pictures of my little art room. I have a mega amount of pics to show you so I’ll post in two journal entries. Look forward to part two within the next few days!
Other good news…I have two new paintings. Unfortunately, my camera is on loan. I will take pictures of it all when it returns. Hopefully by then I will have three!
I had a nice day today. Took a walk through the woods for a few miles. Drank coffee although I like tea so much better. Changed around my inspiration table a bit. Painted!

lots of pictures below.

Partial view of the room from the doorway. I love my lantern from Victorian Trading Company.

Corner of pretty things. My vintage fabric pile now reaches the ceiling! Although I haven’t done much in the fiber department, it is still inspiring to have around. And I am still on the lookout for anything adorable.

A Kokeshi doll from the thrift shop has sparked my interest in collecting these little gals. Vintage wallpaper found while exploring (and rummaging through) the contents and rubbish of an old abandoned house.

Part of my vintage bedsheet collection. Really, they are quite lovely!

I have so many things stashed away I made these little tags to label whats-what. I have many aromatherapy oils from whole foods that I burn in a diffuser. The smell sooths whatever ails you and fills the room with loveliness.

Buttons in mason jars and tubs of odds and ends.

Sunlight through curtains. This pair is from Anthropologie and I love them so much!

I like to display my latest jewelry finds on the dressform in the corner.

Bulletin board behind the doorway with my inspirations and little snippets of victorian laces, trinkets and such.

I have so many little goodies at hand in my shoe organizer! It’s the best!

Will psot more soon! Have a happy Monday and a great week.

little painting room

One morning when the sun was pouring in the windows I took some pictures of my little art pad. I will do a mass photo post of it all soon, for now, a teaser. I love photos sessions such as these!
Things that I love having around me:
~*~1940’s wallpaper
~*~kooky old gold necklaces hanging from little nails on the wall
~*~my weathered stone mermaid statue I bought at an antique shop in maine
~*~found magpie feathers from walks on woodsy trails
~*~ribbons strung on the walls with clothespins holding up favorite clippings and quotes

What things do you like to surround yourself with?


Yesterday I discovered the most lovely book cover. It’s weathered gray with a tamarack tree gracing the cover. I pulled it out of my vintage book pile and put it on my desk as a reminder to do something with it. As I looked down to admire the cover again there was a rainbow illuminating near the tree, shining down from a sunbeam through a crystal in the window .
So now that’s its super chilly I have been in work mode painting up a snow storm. So far I am on my second painting. It feels really great to paint little detailed scenes. The more I paint the more detailed I become, which is wonderful because it allows me to enter the painting. The theme for now is women immersed in nature in a soft color scheme. Its all very similar to the tiny work I have been creating in my moleskine, but larger and on canvas. I am working hard to get a grouping together and I wish to make prints to sell, hopefully in an etsy shop.
I wish to update this journal more…more photos!
I am painting in acrylic which I love but I have an itch to switch to oil, maybe just once. I love the smell.
I find myself working on the floor these days, in bare feet but right next to the radiator. Maybe that’s why I desire oils. Acrylics dry so fast, especially next to a heat source.
It was eight degrees today on my way to work this morning.
My head is warm at least! And yes, I took my grandma sweater off for the photo!