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Lady Picking Pears

The new art piece I have been working on is mostly complete, I just need to sew on the binding. I’ve been working on her for so long! I created her from an idea sketch using layers and layers of painted canvas, in some places stitched through, gels and colored gessos, vintage lace and tidbits from an almost 100 year old story book.
Here she is:

And the most unusual thing happened this morning…I was laying her out on the floor searching for fabric for the backing when a RAINBOW appeared among the pears!! I attempted to capture it here with my camera…explainations behind the cut…

THE SOURCE of the mysterious rainbow- an antique beveled edge mirror that hangs in my studio corner.

Heres my art with the rainbow in the pear tree on the right side. I couldn’t capture the colors, but the light is there

Texture detail of the meadow. I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA, the Canon SD700 IS!!! The lens was, like, one inch away from the piece when I took this shot!!!! Now I can shoot all my texture.

Among the antique lace that I collaged into her dress, I put some tidbits of ravens from an old storybook, circa 1917. I know, its a shame to cut it up, but the book is in poor shape and when I use found images in my art I like them to be original and antique. It adds a bit of mystery and energy to the piece. Otherwise, I like all my markings to be my own.

The book, in all its antique glory, worn and wonderfully faded to perfect with its pages all misplaced and yellowed, I LOVE IT!!!!

The book- opened-

Back to the art- detail of crescent moon-

Her face-

Texture galore- I layered in some asian rice papers before painting and stitching it up.

So now my machine is busted again (I wonder why???)…and I’m finding that I am relying on it less and less to create texture. I guess machines werent meant to sew through gesso gel and 10 layers of canvas, huh? Right now I’m working on methods of creating all the texture with no/ limited stitch. Painting on richly textured grounds built up with fabrics and gesso and gels and such. I just love paint.

Studio sale!

I’m offering “Shimmer Feather” bag for 50% off website price. I love her…I’ve moved my studio and I’m cleanin’ out.
Beautiful craftwomanship, one-of-a kind-design, hand painted face, bag pattern exclusive of Sarah Blank Studios. I’m a stickler for detail, and you’ll definitely see it reflected in this bag!!! AND its just SOOOO soft!!
Shes here:

just for scale…nice and roomy! (my new eisel in the background…haha!)

my applique work, handpainted face

inside- the pocket has an appliqued feather on it…

cute little leafy ties…

You’ll surely shimmer with this bag!
Bag is 49.00 plus shipping! Email me at if interested….

forgotten rose garden…art…

I found this mysterious park nearby…

The Turn-of-the-Century grounds of a rose garden estate, now in ruins. I’m sitting on the stairs of one of the many victorian greenhouse foundations, covered in moss and ivy.

A little toadstool.

Whats left of the rose greenhouses. I love the red graffiti marks, it feels like a ghost of a rose.

Shivers! Now my hairs on end…

Found some pottery shards and wondered if they could have been from the lone woman that inhabited the property.

This tree was HUGEEEEE!! And the whole woods were COVERED in ivy from the estate that once stood there. Very pretty.

A painting that I started, acrylics on 300 lb. coldpress wc paper

closeup of her…still in progress…

Her on my earthy arty table of turquoise, blues and greens. Still not done with her…

These were sent off today…

Special styles not available on my website…

all the way to Oregon for…
Look for them at the booth of the wonderfully talented Pixie
form Pixie Vision Productions
Pixie, can I just say….you ROCK!!!

tidbits from my studio

Earthy browns, cool blues and bamboo greens. I am embracing my inner taurean:) Made a patchwork photo collage of my colors and textures…

Inspiration objects that clutter my studio from top left-
paper parasol
thrifted creamer being used as stylus holder
vintage fabric- this one I LOVE!!
antique lace and trims
yoga mat
sage in a pinch pot that I made in pottery class
skeleton key
lotus plate
fossil, metal leaf, wooden bead on thrifted wooden tray
antique hair toy
flip flop

rainy day, indoor picnic

Still playing around with organization in my studio. Its been such a joy for me to sort and organize, make labels and inventory my supplies. Today I set up my inspiration table with tidbits of sea shells and incense. My new easel will be placed right in front of it.

And then I decided to have a picnic lunch of rice noodles, peapods and strawberries on the floor. I may make a habit of solitary picnics.

I’m loving this space! Its so light and airy despite its smallness. I covered the floor with a white tarp and I am eagerly awaiting my easel so I can start some big paintings. Meanwhile, today I’m going to paint, sketch, sip some sweet tea and take a walk in a woodsy park nearby.

I’ve been eyeing this for awhile…

The perfect easel for my work. Its made of sturdy oak and it can go flat- perfect for gessoing and watercolor work. And yesterday we bought it!! I can’t wait ’til it arrives.

I loooove thrift shopping.

Yesssss, I went thrift shopping and yard “sailing” once again and this time I got LOTS of pretty printed skirts and a peacock printed shirt (along with other finds, pictured here). I simply treasure all kinds of printed fiber-y things, whether it be clothing or yardage or antique odds and ends. Yesterday at a sale I bought some pretty African fabric in blues and browns…complete karma because my new art is all about earthiness, dirt and sky, turquoise and twigs.

The yellow veggie book pictured here is so cute- it has the most adorable illustrations portraying a gal and her greens, 1970’s style.
Ah summer! I’ve been learning web design, painting, running like crazy, taking long walks, basking in the sunshine, reading a few good books and setting up my new studio. I must post some pics of all that very soon.