Monthly Archives: April 2006

My workspace…

Half finished mini paintings on my desktop. Will be doing LOTS more of these, bigger sizes. I took a break from these to finish up a commission, which I will post later…

“Writing Muse” bag commission

Here’s the art for a new bag, a “portable muse” messenger bag for writing supplies and the like. Perhaps she is Sheshat, the Egyptian goddess of the scribe. This design is in a vignette style with a quill pen, ink jar, owl and crescent moon.
Take a look:

I covered my springtide table in moss…

Yes I did! Thick soft green chunks of moss beautify my table. Lots of glue, three bags of hybrid moss:

Losts of other foresty goodies as well, along with the painting “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May” by Waterhouse in the most pretty tarnished copper art nouveau frame (a yard sale find!!!)
And I looked up the poem of which inspired Waterhouse to paint, by Robert Herrick:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

The front of the table

Dragonfly lamp illuminating on the wall- tiny blue glass slipper filled with dried rose from V-Day, big blue egg in wooden holder with spanish moss

Glass slipper again-

Nest with pink butterflies, ah I just love pink and blue

Happy spring everyone!

birch tree art, mossy table

Created a small painting today, part of a spring egg/nest/ birch tree series….

A little mixed media “sketch” to tuck away for future wall hangings. Made with watercolor, acrylic, Pigma pens and colored pencil on handmade rough edge paper.
Since last autumn I’ve been inspired by silvery birch trees. This painting takes direct inspiration from my spring table top, which I completely covered with soft green moss! I’ll post pictures of it in the coming days, for now here’s a little sneak peak…

You can see the corner of a nest with blue eggs, pink petals, and a dragonfly. In the background is the corner of a beautiful art nouveau frame.
~*~*~More pictures soon! ~*~*~