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Another weekend sewing, sewing, sewing. I did manage to go to a party Friday night though. Finally, I have TWENTY one-of-a-kind designs FINISHED… yipee!! Now, I can’t show them all here (that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?) but you can take just a peak at three of my gals. To see the rest…YOU MUST COME TO THE FAIRE!!! OK, OK, I might just give in in these coming weeks, once I start stiching up their leafy bags.

I’ll be there….

Will you??

Just a lil’ Sneak Peak…

At my One-Of-A-Kind fiber art creations for the Faire-
Spent my weekend sewing, sewing, and more sewing. The rest of the time was spent on loooong walks observing the frosty outdoors for inspiration. Thought I would share some of my musings with you. Here’s the pretty ” Sea Green Moon Beam” with her painted cloth face and celtic knot, appliqued and free motion embroidered with shimmery-glimmery golden thread, awaiting my hands to make her into a magical handbag~

Here’s all m’ladies, on the floor with artwork neatly tucked behind them, awaiting the final steps of their creation…

Meet “Elven Star Nature Gal”. She just might be my favorite, if I played that game. She is adorned with spring green leaves, and lots of sparklies in her hair and wings AND she is on a background of super soft purple fabric.

You’ll find a pretty peacock adorned crown on “Peacock Moon”. She had lot’s o’glimmer as well, along with elaborately stitched wingies. She stares at the waning moon above.

And finally, me, DROWNING in a pile of fabric that I ripped through like a madwoman in a wired caffeine fit. Quite embarassing, I know. Folding it all and putting it away was not as fun as ripping it apart.

Some more handbag art…

Snip, snip, snip….Full moon tonight= art craziness!
In addition to cutting out all the applique pieces for the bags, I created some new designs. I couldnt resist! I love how the woman is looking upward at the moon. Sort of a spiritual pose. Gosh, I can’t wait to show a teaser of a finished bag. I created all new bag shapes especially for the Wicked Faire. There’s just so many enchanting, leafy designs. 20 one-of-a-kind bags in all!!! OHHHHHHHH, I cant wait to show everyone!
Anyway, here’s some applique designs…

Other stuff-
~*~*~I bought a pretty burgundy corset on ebay to wear to the faire. I’m going to embellish it a bit with my peacock feather applique designs, and change the satin lacing to leather (this corset laces up in six different places!) Other than that, I still need to make a crown, then I’m set. hmmmm..
Otherwise, back to my fabric stash.

I will be vending my bags at the Wicked Faire!!!!

I have a very, VERY busy month ahead of me!!! Look forward to updates on my progress. Lots of painting and stitching to do!!!

Very cool banner created by:

~*~*NEW BAG DESIGNS!!!!*~*~

I’ve got something up my sleeve, new bag applique designs to enchant your eyes. These will be sold at a “certain” event….details to follow…promise!!! I’ve been holding back, but here’s a little peak. There’s more coming too! Peacock feathers, celtic knots and elven stars!!!

Also, there will be new bag shapes to go along with all this art nouveau-ish goodness. Leafy shapes in purples and greens. Lots of shimmer!
Oh, and my January inspiration table. Yes, I will post pictures within the next few days.