Monthly Archives: September 2005

Autumn Offerings….

Three new gorgeous Autumn-inspired bags! All bags are one-of-a-kind, sewn with love from my own original patterns and artwork. They are truly “portable art”!
Here’s a little peak at the beautiful coppery “Autumn Daydream” Bag…

See “Faerie of the Mist” and “Amethyst Moonbeams” here:
All have cute little leaf ties and SHIMMER!

An Array of Autumn Enchantements

As Autumn approaches I have been collecting leaves, nuts and other hodgepodge of natures manifestations. I put them on my pretty table, along with an antique mirror, pumpkins, candles, butterflies and copper faerie dust to name a few of the items…

Joy! My favorite season. A little faerie sits on my abalone shell…

These faerie twins graced my wedding table two years ago. Here is one, in detail. She wears my Autumn Majesty crown on her back as she reads. John Keats perhaps?

A candle glows on the other faerie twin, sans the crown (I only made one!)

Pretty Hair Thingy

Went to the Renaissance faire at Sterling Forest on Sunday and I left my lovely leaf crown at home! To take its place I bought a golden beaded corkscrew hair goodie, which I think looks just SO magical! You can purchase yours at:
Mine is the 4 inch gold hair twister with black beads as a charm…and you can get all kinds of charms (celtic knots, different colored beads etc). It’s SO easy to do, and they come with a swirly hair pin to keep it in place. When my hair gets really long I’m going to buy a fat pony tail hair twister. The girl who sold me this had two in her hair- one on each pigtail! They come in gold or silver… I purchased gold because it matches my warm-toned hair.
I just think that this charming little hair toy would look great with any gypsy, faerie and/ or pirate costume!!

Some funky…some magical… Yard Sale Finds…

Last weekend I went yard sale-ing and I found some of the neatest things! Look at this vintagy 1960’s jacket- for 3.00!!! It looks SO fun on- it’s bright blue with furry trim and orange flowers embroidered all over it-

Orange 60’s daisy embroidery-

A happy sunshine I put in the ivy leaves-

A 1960’s fitted rose print shirt from London-

The tag on the shirt gives the place where it was purchased, Carnaby St and Kings Road. I love old tags!

I got the prettiest purple table runner with two matching hand blown glass candle holders-

And a purple glass and gold bracelet from India-

I’m set!

More pictures of my Autumn Crown

Heres a little peak at an autumn crown I made to celebrate my favorite season! I will be wearing this to the NY Renaissance faire next weekend, along with a matching leafy corset (pictures coming VERY soon!). I dusted my face with metallic bronze shimmer pixie powder. I didn’t photo shop these one bit- they are taken in front of a painting that my husband created. It makes a fabulous backdrop!

I crafted my crown from red autumn berries, faux leaves in muted colors, bronze glitter covered leaf skeletons, rust colored flowers and a golden butterfly in the center.